I’ve been natural now, and I mean NO “creamy crack” has touched my head, for about 2 ½ years and I love it!  I used to be obsessed with getting a perm every 6 months or so I believe, but once I saw how my hair texture was changing for the better, even when I waited longer and longer to get a perm, my hair started growing faster and healthier…I said, ‘PERM NO MORE!”

Now, there are a few downsides to this natural process, a few minor ones, and it would be my edges.  Whenever I don’t want to deal with my natural, curly hair, I tend to get sew-ins, but my stylist leaves my edges out for a more natural look. Well, the thing about that is, I like a clean, polished, finished sew-in hairstyle, so I need my curly edges to lay down smooth…and what’s my new secret to that?

my "Go To" edge control

my “Go To” edge contro

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Ultra Strong Flex Gel.  This stuff is the bomb!  I got it in my Influenster Spring VoxBox.  I’d never heard of this line before, but my hairstylist, she swears by these products.  I’ve become a huge fan as well now. Why you ask?  Well, a little goes a long way, it smells great, I applied to my edges in the morning and they looked polished all day, it dries right away with no sticky feeling and the best thing about it…there was no white, flaky residue or build-up.  That’s very important to me.  My first impression, a great impression, and it’s definitely got me wanting to try other Schwarzkopf products in the future for sure.