Happy BELATED 4th of July loves! I had a great day with my family and friends and I hope yours was just as awesome.  I’ll tell you one thing, it was H-O-T-T here in Dallas, TX, I believe the high was like 96 degrees!  Plus, me having a black on black car with leather seats, that didn’t exactly help either.

So, clearly, the main objective was to try to stay as cool as possible, while still being cute and casual on a celebratory Independence Day.  I knew if I wanted to find a quick outfit, something red, white, blue or all three, the place to go was Old Navy.  That store never lets me down.

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The cloud-like pattern, light blue & white shorts, I picked those up after several trips to the dressing room at Old Navy.  The whole store was on sale and I got my regularly priced $20 shorts for a cheap $15! I just started wearing shorts last year and slowly, but surely, they’re growing on me, really cute options showing up everywhere.  My red hair, well, that was done by the lovely Mrs. Natasha Pearson at Two Sha Beauty Bar here in Dallas, TX.  My white over-sized t-shirt, from Forever 21, nothing new and  the personalized red Converse, I’ve had since my freshman year in college.  The backpack, which has become my favorite accessory, love all the pockets and the camel color, that came from Forever 21. To add another little pop of color, really stand out and show my 4th of July spirit, I decided to rock my MAC RiRi Woo…that definitely did it!

I must say, today was a good day and I stayed cool and cute all at the same time!