Instagram has definitely become the new mall right at your fingertips…really! Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has started to shine and show their entrepreneurial skills by starting up their clothing companies. Honestly, I love it.  It’s so easy and convenient.  No leaving the house to deal with rude drivers, huge crowds and people trying to steal your parking spaces.

With my recent weight loss, I built up the courage on the inside and the outisde to finally rock a two-piece swimsuit, in public.  I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to show off my success.  Now keep in mind, I’m a thick girl, but proportioned, in my opinion, perfectly…small waist, thick thighs and well-endowed up top.  I have no problem with my body, but it wouldn’t hurt to lose a couple of pounds, which I did.  Depending on what I’m trying to wear, sometimes I’m in the Plus Size section, sometimes I’m not.

So, I went to Old Navy, cleaned up there of course, found really fun, bright pieces, but one day I was browsing on Instagram and I came across Rue107.  The one item that stuck out was their high-waisted, two-piece swimsuits, called FatKinis I learned later.  The reason being is because they’re geared toward the full-figured woman.  The high-waisted bottoms disguise and hide any insecurities that women might have, and in my case, that would be my mid-section that I’m still working on and my thighs sometimes.  I’d never heard of the site, so I was really excited to stumble upon something new, especially for the curvaceous girls!

What really caught my eye was the bold colors and the different designs.  Most plus-sized swimsuits that I come across online, the designs and colors are frumpy, old, outdated and just plain ol’ ugly. So not cool!  Finding this site, it was like finding a gold mine, without paying gold mine kind of money.  Even though all of the pieces are sold separately, they’re all under $100.  That’s definitely a winner to me.  Not only does the site have cute swimsuits just in time for the Summer, but they also carry colorful and fun dresses and leggings too.  I already see myself adding a couple of those items to my cart as well in the near future.  So ladies, be sure to check out their site out on Instagram, follow them of course and check out the actual Rue107 website as well.  You’ll thank me later for all of the cute things you pick up!