Sunday Funday here in Dallas, and really everywhere, has become sort of a weekend holiday tradition.  It either involves a day party, a pool party, brunch, lunch, hanging out on the patio or your good ol’ trusty house gathering.

This past Sunday Funday, I got some of my girls together and made reservations for brunch at this swanky, social restaurant called Max’s Wine Dive.  Now, the reason this establishment is called a wine dive, according to the site, is because of their ““wine dive” atmosphere where you can pair hand-picked wines with your comfort food” and just enjoy a fun, sunny, laid back day with close friends, family or whoever makes you happy.  The place was packed.  It was a good thing I made reservations with Open Table.  Loved the ambiance, very upbeat, young & hip.  I saw a lot of my Twitter friends there, as well as people I’ve seen out and about in the busy streets of Dallas.  Like I said, it’s definitely a go-t0 spot to hang, have fun, chill and just let that socialite side of you really come out.

So, the first order of business when we sat down, mimosas! It’s a must for a ladies’ brunch.  Yes, I know, I know…we were at a wine dive, and yes the wine menu was a mile long, but mimosas are seriously a MUST-HAVE for brunch.  You can’t beat $3 mimosas at a place like this, in the Uptown/West Village area.  You feel me right?!

Next, the hard part, ordering.  I’m the foodie girl that likes for everyone to order something different, so we can all taste each other’s food, DUH!  So, that’s exactly what we did.  It was only right that I ordered the Chicken & Waffles.  I mean one of the first things you see on the building, as well as their site is “FRIED CHICKEN AND CHAMPAGNE?…WHY THE HELL NOT?!”  It came with four crispy wings fried to perfection & a waffle, with just the right taste of sweetness to it.  Also on the table, Max’s Famous Southern Fried Chicken, which is jalapeño-buttermilk marinated, deep fried slow and low, served with home fries, collard greens and Texas toast and the Crème Brûlée French Toast topped with strawberries and powdered sugar with one of Max’s boneless fried chicken breasts.  Oh, and while I was eating, I felt like my meal wasn’t quite complete, so I ordered a side of their creamy, jalapeno grits…which was the best idea, EVER!

The moment those plates were placed in front of us, the conversation completely stopped, no lie.  It was silence at the table.  The food really hit the spot, our tummies were definitely happy.  One thing that we all agreed on, the fried chicken was cooked to perfection.  The crispy batter was seasoned well with just the right crispiness, juicy & moist all the way through, not one dry piece, not even the white meat.  My waffle was thick, soft throughout, with a bit of a crunch on the outside, like a sugar wafer ice cream cone almost, but what really took me by surprise was the grits.  They were so good!  Thick & creamy, cooked slow…I want to say they were cooked with maybe milk or sour cream.  Then, there were pickled jalapeno bits throughout, giving them that spicy, southwestern taste, without the spicy heat.  I couldn’t stop eating them, but I had to, so I just placed them in a To-Go container, to enjoy later, at home of course.

Our last bites were taken and we were stuffed to satisfaction.  Good thing I wore a loose, comfy church dress though, able to let my stomach out a little bit.  I’m being so for real though.  I was a true fatty girl at that moment.  I definitely recommend Max’s for any occasion, whether it be be brunch, dinner or happy hour.  Even though this was my first time, and I ordered from the brunch menu, I’m 100% sure the other menus are just as good, if not better.  I do know something, I’m sure I’ll be showing my face around those parts for happy hour, that’s for sure! I love a good happy hour : )

Sunday Funday Brunch @ Max’s