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It was date night for my dad and I, I had no idea where we were going, but knowing that my dad is just as eclectic as I am, I knew that wherever it was…I would LOVE IT!

Another trip to The Bishop Arts District, such a great place, great hangout area.  Tillman’s Roadhouse.  I heard great and delicious things about their food.  My family went there for Mother’s Day and they said the food was really good.  We were lead to a back room, a quaint, intimate, banquet room, each table seating about ten.  The only person my dad knew was the owner, who invited us to this dinner and now I knew her, so really, we didn’t know anyone, but I think this was the first time that everyone was meeting…the only person we had in common was the owner, Sara Tillman.  Such a nice, welcoming, funny woman might I add.

We were seated at the table, a nice place setting, wine glasses, the menu…5 courses paired with 5 wines.

1st course…No curfew poached Bose pear, warm hazelnut crusted DMC (Dallas Mozzarella Company) goat cheese, watercress, pear glaze.  This starter was paired with a 2010 No Curfew Red, California.  The pear, it wasn’t too soft, wasn’t too firm, which I liked.  I’ve never had such fresh, soft goat cheese.  The taste wasn’t too overpowering and it was a smooth & savory taste.  The hazelnuts gave it that crunch.  Perfect combination.

2nd course…Pan roasted Texas quail, cherry “Chow Chow”, circus frisee, bacon lardons and a balsamic reduction.  This was paired with a 2009 amici Pinot Noir, Mendocino.  The quail was perfect.  I mean it was tender, and seasoned just right with that smokey, grilled taste.  The frisee garnish, it really added some excitement to the plate, because the sweet, sour & salty of the cherry & the bacon, mixed with the freshness of the frisee, I wanted more of it, it was just that good!

3rd course…seared sea scallop atop a potato pancake, mustard, prosciutto, crispy sage, watercress paired with a 2012 Amici Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley.  I believe this was my favorite overall.  The course itself and the wine it was paired with.  I love semi-sweet to sweet red, but I tend to lean more towards white wines. They’re not so sour, no so pungent, I like the light taste, the sweeter, fruitier taste.  That’s what I liked about the Sauvignon Blanc, just soft, but I could feel it in my blood.  The scallop on this plate, it was unbelievably delicious.  Saying that it was cooked perfectly is an understatement.; tender & flaky, fork cut right through it and sweet.  With this course, I tried to taste everything separate, but together.  The prosciutto chip, I ate alone, reminded me of turkey bacon.  The garnish atop the scallop, it reminded me a lot of strawberry jam, a chunkier version.  I took a bite of the scallop with it, I was in pure foodie shock.  It was like nothing I’ve ever had and I LOVED it.  The potato pancake, there were salted greens of some sort placed neatly underneath.  Let’s just say, I cleaned the plate in less than 5 minutes.  YES, I inhaled it, politely.

4th course…grilled elk tenderloin, potato gratin, rainbow swiss chard, chanterelle demi glace paired with a 2010 Amici Olema Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma County.  Now, when this was first placed in front of me, you know what came to mind, simply from just sight & smell? Campbell’s Beef & Vegetable soup.  Really!  I ordered my elk medium well, I’ve grown to love my meats cooked like that.  The pink color was perfect, the presentation was great.  The elk, which I’ve never had a day in my life, but so excited to try, was heavenly.  It was cooked to perfection and tasted just like a well cooked steak.  I mean, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, taste wise ,between beef & elk or any other meat.  It literally melted in my mouth and the portion was filling.  That plate, oh yes it was cleaned as well!

5th course…last but not least, a “sorbet duo”.  Blueberry mint, raspberry ginger, topped with macerated Summer berries.  This course was the perfect ending, paired with a 20120 Amici Olema Chardonnay, Sonoma County.  This whole sorbet combination, it made me happy.  So refreshing, sweet & cold on the palette.  The raspberry was so bright and had just a tiny bit of a bitter, sour taste but more sweet than anything.  Now, the blueberry mint, tasted just like a blueberry mojito.  I couldn’t get enough of it either, I think I even ended up scraping the tin container it was in.  Don’t judge me.

This foodie experience, it was one of a kind.  I met some great people, ate some delicious food, five course at that, and tried things that I’ve never tasted, that’s always fun.  I would love to thank Tillman’s Roadhouse, Mrs. Sara and her staff, for being great hosts and making this experience a great one.  Y’all check out the site, the menu, all of it and try to make a trip there for some good eats if you’re in the DFW Metroplex.  Tell them that Charis Walls sent you!

Tillman’s Roadhouse – Dallas

Bishop Arts District

324 West 7th St.

Dallas, TX  75208

(214) 942-0988


August 16th, has OFFICIALLY been named ChayDay! My 29th birthday was AMAZING and that honestly is an understatement…I’m so blessed and happy and just excited about where my life is going and the doors that are about to open!

So, I wanted to be comfy, cute, casual & chic all at the same time for my birthday festivities…I LOVED dresses and tights, they’re comfortable and so versatile and so flirtatious, ESPECIALLY the dresses.  With a pair of heels or EVEN flats, it just WORKS…so that’s the route that I went and I loved it!

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The first night, my HUGE surprise party, I went to Asos…love this site, love their clothes, love their SALES even more!  I’m still not sure of my exact size but I like to be safe, so I went to Asos Curve, the plus-size selections.  Still the same cute items, same prices and I AM a curvy girl!  My ASOS CURVE Exclusive Body-Conscious Dress in XOXO Print was a HIT! I loved how comfortable it was, the fabric was stretchy, yet fitted and I am a huge fan of long-sleeve dresses.  I really could have gone down a size or maybe two, but I mean, it’s all good and I’m sure when I wash it, it might shrink a little bit.  Wash in some hot water, tiny problem solved.  The necklace I’m wearing, the pop of color, I have no idea where it came from really, and it’s killing me that I can’t remember.  My black shoes, they’re the Gabby from Steve Madden.  They’re my “old faithfuls”, I need to step my shoe game up though, I know that much.  The sash & the crown were gifts from my mom and my best friend, cause I WAS Queen Chay that night!

Saturday night, a little bit more casual and I found my outfit last minute.  Walking around in Mockingbird Station here in Dallas, I normally don’t shop at Urban Outfitters, BUT I decided to walk in and take a look around…I was feeling lucky.  Everything seems to be so overpriced in that store, it kills me, but today I got lucky.  Seafoam green & coral are my favorite colors, yet I think OUTSIDE of the regular ROYGBIV rainbow.  This dress stuck out to me, especially the round, scoop neck, makes the girls look EVEN prettier!  The flirty body of it, the bell-shaped skater dress, it just all worked.  I knew I didn’t want my feet to hurt AT ALL that night, so I just slipped on my neon yellow thong sandals from Forever XXI and that was that.

My ChayDay Finale, SundayFunday, once again, I wanted to be casual and cute still…it was a day party and I wanted to let loose and just have a good time.  I love patterns, love colors as well, love different outfits.  These polka dots caught my eye.  They really did and once again, another skater dress, from Forever XXI, except this one, there was a diamond back-out, showing the small of my back, you can’t see in the pictures.  The dress was very comfortable, I must say.  Since I let my feet rest the night before, and I knew I had reserved a table at the day party, I decided to put on my big girl shoes.  I LOVE my wedges from ShoeDazzle, they’re a neutral color, about the same color of my skin tone, so when I wear them, they make my legs look way longer then they really are.  Wedges are so comfortable, I get all the height, without the pain of a 4″-6″ heel and I strutted my stuff ALL DAY as Queen Chay!

This is a first and I’m SO excited and honored!

I was tagged and nominated by the lovely Llewsoba … THANK YOU CHICA : )

So, here are the rules:

The Liebster Award Rules:
1.  You must link back to the person who nominated you.
2.  You much answer the 10 Leibster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
3.  You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award, under 200 followers (I just nominated blogs I liked)
4.  You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer
5.  You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

Check out MY Q&A responses:

1.   How many foundation/bases do you have right now and how many are the right color?

During the Summer, because of my oily skin, I try not to use foundation, I use concealer and powder to finish. When I DO use foundation, I love Revlon ColorStay & the color matches perfectly and MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid…love them both!

2.  If you could only use 3 makeup items on your face daily, which would they be?

MAC’s Spiked eyebrow pencil, Maybelline Falsies mascara and MAC’s Mineralized SkinFinish in Dark

3.  What is your most loved beauty item?

MAC’s Spiked Eyebrow Pencil…my eyebrows MUST be done in order for me to feel like my face is sorta made up

4.  Do you follow trends?

uuuuummmm…sometimes.  I will step out of the box and see what works for me and if I like it, I continue because I LIKE it.

5.  Do you enjoy blog tags?

It’s not a matter of enjoying them, but they do help a lot in searching for specific things.  They’re very helpful in searches and getting your stories, sites, blogs, word out there to the World, to the public.

6.  What is the one thing you hate doing in your skin care or beauty routine?

I hate to pluck & shape my eyebrows.  It’s so tedious, BUT the outcome, the results are great and they really shape my face.

7. If you could go back and tell your teenage self one makeup tip, which would it be?

Dove Unscented bar soap is great for clearing your skin up and just a great face wash PERIOD

8.  What is the one makeup trend new or old that you hate the most?

There’s nothing new or old that I hate.  There might be some trends that didn’t work on me, but on others, they look awesome

9.  Top 3 favorite eyeshadows?

MAC Soft Brown, Brown Script & Brule…all PERFECT for a natural neutral eye

10.  What are your views on Photoshop and makeup?

I think that as far as Photoshop is concerned, it’s getting out of hand.  All the apps that are available to soften and lighten people’s faces, their blemishes and what not’s…it’s not real.  MUAs are using those to try to make their makeup look better instead of showing their real work.  I’ve grown to love makeup, it’s a growing trend, topic, hobby, profession, BUT it’s not meant for everyone.

NOW…Here are MY nominees *drumroll*:



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Bitching For Beauty

Now, here are MY questions for YOU lovely ladies:

1.  Whatever skin type you have, what’s your Go-To liquid foundation? Drugstore AND high end

2.  Lipstick…matte or glossy?

3.  What do you use to contour?

4.  What are the TOP 3 things you must keep in your makeup bag?

5.  Primer…what’s your fave?

6.  Bright eye & nude lip OR nude eye & popping lip?

7.  What took you the longest to learn makeup wise? Winged eye liner? Lip liner? Eyebrows?

8.  What are your favorite products to use for a smokey eye?

9.  What’s your favorite matte lip color?

10.  If you could create a new color for any makeup line, describe what that color would look like.

ENJOY LADIES…I hope my questions are to your liking, can’t wait to see the awesome answers : )

A beautiful Sunday, church just ended, we had a bit of a sweet tooth and we felt a little adventurous.  According to D Magazine, the best bakery for sweets is Emporium Pies, so that’s where we decided to go!

Emporium Pies is located in the Bishop Arts District, a very calm area of Dallas, neighboring Oak Cliff.  It’s surrounded by a plethora of restaurants, shops, boutiques and small business for little nicknacks.  The whole area is very laid-back, everyone is walking around enjoying the day, chilling on the patios enjoying their meals or a glass of wine, walking their dogs, just a whole lot of everything.

When you walk up on Emporium Pies, right away the restaurant, which looks like a little blue & yellow country house, reminds you of a corner store, well that’s what I thought at least.  It resembled the candy store that everywhere would go to to get the candies from their childhood, very cute & quaint.  When you walk in, you’re greeted with a warm, “Hi! We’ll be with you in just second!”  While waiting, you can’t help but to take in the nostalgic ambiance.  Little wooden tables & wooden chairs, a dandelion flower on every table, displays of pies in the glass pie cases like at your grandmother’s house, the kitchen is little and petite, enough room for about 2 or 3 people, painted wooden walls, hardwood floors, metal icebox, antique white chandeliers, chalkboard signs all around, just the perfect little place.

When it came time to order, it really wasn’t difficult, seeing as though you have seven choices…which I like.  They have seasonal flavors as well, so the menu will change.  I heard they have a Red Velvet Pie in the Fall that is to die for! So, being the foodie that I am, I couldn’t just order one flavor, so I took a chance and ordered three: The Smooth Operator (French silk chocolate with pretzel crust), Lord of the Pies (deep dish apple pie with cinnamon streusel) and The Snowball (flaky crust filled with creamy coconut custard & their house whipped cream topped with crunchy toasted coconut).  My brother, he got the Drunken Nut (Bourbon pecan pie with shortbread crust) & Ebony & Ivory (buttermilk chess pie swirled with a chocolate hazelnut spread).  It’s always good to have choices, right?!

(l-r The Snowball, Ebony & Ivory, Drunken Nut, Lord of the Pies & The Smooth Operator)

What I really loved about this place is the presentation.  The time they put into every single slice when served, whether it’s to eat in or to-go.  The little wooden to-go containers are so creative, each slice is wrapped carefully, secured with a white & blue string with a bow and then you get a wooden fork to dig in.

My overall thoughts, The Snowball & Ebony & Ivory were for FAVES!  I liked the simplicity of the whipped cream & the coconut custard, it was so light, so fluffy.  The crust was perfect!  And the Ebony & Ivory, it reminded me of my mom’s buttermilk pies that I love!  I mean I couldn’t stop dipping my fork into all of them, but those two, they definitely have my 2 Forks Up!  As far as the others, don’t get me wrong, they were delish, but like for instance The Smooth Operator.  I really wanted the sweet/salty taste.  The silk chocolate was amazing, but the pretzel crust, I didn’t get enough salt from it.  The Lord of the Pies, it was just too much apple filling for me.  I love crust, so all that filling, it was kinda overbearing, but the apples were tender and sweet, loved that.  The Drunken Nut, yes I could taste the Bourbon, added to the flavor, but really it tasted like any other pecan pie that I could get from one of my aunties at Sunday Dinner.  I was blown away by it.

So, YES…Emporium Pies is a MUST GO TO ladies and gents, you will not be disappointed.  Don’t let my opinions keep you away from any of the pies, everyone’s palette is different.  I do know one thing, when you leave, you will have a new love for pies, cause I surely do!

Emporium Pies

314 North Bishop

Dallas, TX  75208

(469) 206-6126

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