A beautiful Sunday, church just ended, we had a bit of a sweet tooth and we felt a little adventurous.  According to D Magazine, the best bakery for sweets is Emporium Pies, so that’s where we decided to go!

Emporium Pies is located in the Bishop Arts District, a very calm area of Dallas, neighboring Oak Cliff.  It’s surrounded by a plethora of restaurants, shops, boutiques and small business for little nicknacks.  The whole area is very laid-back, everyone is walking around enjoying the day, chilling on the patios enjoying their meals or a glass of wine, walking their dogs, just a whole lot of everything.

When you walk up on Emporium Pies, right away the restaurant, which looks like a little blue & yellow country house, reminds you of a corner store, well that’s what I thought at least.  It resembled the candy store that everywhere would go to to get the candies from their childhood, very cute & quaint.  When you walk in, you’re greeted with a warm, “Hi! We’ll be with you in just second!”  While waiting, you can’t help but to take in the nostalgic ambiance.  Little wooden tables & wooden chairs, a dandelion flower on every table, displays of pies in the glass pie cases like at your grandmother’s house, the kitchen is little and petite, enough room for about 2 or 3 people, painted wooden walls, hardwood floors, metal icebox, antique white chandeliers, chalkboard signs all around, just the perfect little place.

When it came time to order, it really wasn’t difficult, seeing as though you have seven choices…which I like.  They have seasonal flavors as well, so the menu will change.  I heard they have a Red Velvet Pie in the Fall that is to die for! So, being the foodie that I am, I couldn’t just order one flavor, so I took a chance and ordered three: The Smooth Operator (French silk chocolate with pretzel crust), Lord of the Pies (deep dish apple pie with cinnamon streusel) and The Snowball (flaky crust filled with creamy coconut custard & their house whipped cream topped with crunchy toasted coconut).  My brother, he got the Drunken Nut (Bourbon pecan pie with shortbread crust) & Ebony & Ivory (buttermilk chess pie swirled with a chocolate hazelnut spread).  It’s always good to have choices, right?!

(l-r The Snowball, Ebony & Ivory, Drunken Nut, Lord of the Pies & The Smooth Operator)

What I really loved about this place is the presentation.  The time they put into every single slice when served, whether it’s to eat in or to-go.  The little wooden to-go containers are so creative, each slice is wrapped carefully, secured with a white & blue string with a bow and then you get a wooden fork to dig in.

My overall thoughts, The Snowball & Ebony & Ivory were for FAVES!  I liked the simplicity of the whipped cream & the coconut custard, it was so light, so fluffy.  The crust was perfect!  And the Ebony & Ivory, it reminded me of my mom’s buttermilk pies that I love!  I mean I couldn’t stop dipping my fork into all of them, but those two, they definitely have my 2 Forks Up!  As far as the others, don’t get me wrong, they were delish, but like for instance The Smooth Operator.  I really wanted the sweet/salty taste.  The silk chocolate was amazing, but the pretzel crust, I didn’t get enough salt from it.  The Lord of the Pies, it was just too much apple filling for me.  I love crust, so all that filling, it was kinda overbearing, but the apples were tender and sweet, loved that.  The Drunken Nut, yes I could taste the Bourbon, added to the flavor, but really it tasted like any other pecan pie that I could get from one of my aunties at Sunday Dinner.  I was blown away by it.

So, YES…Emporium Pies is a MUST GO TO ladies and gents, you will not be disappointed.  Don’t let my opinions keep you away from any of the pies, everyone’s palette is different.  I do know one thing, when you leave, you will have a new love for pies, cause I surely do!

Emporium Pies

314 North Bishop

Dallas, TX  75208

(469) 206-6126