Dallas' Chicken Scratch

Dallas’ Chicken Scratch

YES I had ANOTHER Chay Day birthday celebration, this time it was a birthday lunch…a little foodie present from my little brother.  If you haven’t noticed, my birthday celebrations last longer than the day or week of my birthday lol…I can’t help it, I’m a loved person!

My brother. Yeah he’s just as big a foodie as I am.  He’ll try anything once, most of the time he’ll end up liking it, just like me…and my dad, we’re the eclectic ones in the family.  So, we stepped outside of the box for this event here, I mean it was my birthday present from him, so we HAD to change it up a bit.  D Magazine came out with their much anticipated The Best of Big D 2013  issue and it was like a kid picking out all the Christmas presents they wanted in THE BIG Toys R Us book, it was THAT serious!  So after visiting multiple websites, searching through restaurant galleries, YES we’re visual people, we love details, we decided on Chicken Scratch.  This was probably one of the best culinary decisions we’d ever made, no really.  So, Chicken Scratch is located in the heart of Dallas, Oak Cliff, right near Downtown, in between a trailer park and an old abandoned hotel.  From the street though, you can’t miss it.  It’s literally a chicken coop.  Parking spots under a tin roof, metal posts holding it up, gravel, concrete pavement, very rugged look, nothing fancy, but the ambience was pretty cool.  We went on a Saturday, early around like 2/2:30 and it wasn’t crowded at all.  It was hot that day, and when I say hot, that’s an understatement.  We’re in Dallas, Texas.  Summers here are NO JOKE and it was the middle of the day in August.  All those factors equal HELL ON EARTH LoL.  To help with the smoldering heat, above the umbrella-covered picnic benches and booths outside, there were fans spraying a cool mist.  We tried to sit outside for a minute, handle the heat like true Texans…yeah that was an epic fail. So inside we went, with the quickness, where huge fans blew hot air, which honestly was ten times better than trying to sit outside and feed your face with the sun beaming down on you, with no sympathy for you.

On to the good stuff.  The food.  One thing that stuck out to all of us as soon as we walked in, the food in the pick-up window.  RIght away, we saw the main feature…the Knife & Fork Biscuit Sandwich.  It was HUGE!  I kept describing it to everyone as Chick Fil A chicken biscuits, times ten. They were THAT BIG!  After focusing, getting back to the matter at hand, we decided to order.  The colorful menu described every biscuit in detail, what each ingredient was.  It included the hefty, homemade sides as well as individual fried chicken options.  Everything looked SO GOOD, but we focused in on the ginormous biscuit sandwiches.  That was what we came for.

It was definitely hard to choose, everything looked so freakin’ good.  I got the Smothered.  This monstrous things consisted of a plump, juicy, tender piece of chicken, boneless & fried to perfection, topped with gravy fries, and melted cheese.  The one thing that bugged me was that the cheese, it was American cheese, not a huge fan of it, too mild for me and it wasn’t melted.  My brother got the Buffalo.  It was topped with buffalo sauce, pickled celery, ranch & blue cheese crumbles.  My next visit, I’ll be ordering this once.  There’s something about the perfect spice of buffalo sauce with the cooling ranch AND blue cheese, it just goes perfectly.  As far as sides, I got the cabbage & jicama vinegar slaw and my brother got the green chile & hominy mac n cheese.  I loved the crunch & freshness of the slaw.  It could’ve used a little bit more taste, a little bit more seasoning.  The one bite I took of my brother’s mac n cheese, that I had to risk my life to get from him, it was creamy goodness.  That will be ordered on my next visit as well.  I loved the plating.  Simple & to the point, nothing fancy.  Just big, tin plates, to hold their big, delicious sandwiches.

This picture, it does justice…but at the same time, it doesn’t.  I didn’t even attempt to pick this thing up and take a bite.  It was a guaranteed mess in hands.  The title of Knife & Fork Biscuit Sandwiches fits perfectly.  My plate, yup I cleaned it.  I washed everything down with their house made sodas, which I must say, we couldn’t get enough of.  Flavors like grape, lemon-lime, strawberry, root beer, even lemonade, they just had a better taste than say a Coke or Pepsi product.  We got a good three or four refills each.  Don’t judge us.  Another item that tickled our taste buds, the sweet & salty fries.  They had the perfect amount of seasonings, not too much sweet, not to much salt, cooked perfectly, crunchy on the ends, I mean just plain’ ol’ good.

Hands down, I give this place, a good two thumbs up…when it cools down here in Dallas, I will be making another visit and enjoying the cool Fall weather outside, comfortably.  You should too!  As a matter of fact, just go.  Rain, sleet, snow, whatever.  Feed that foodie in you!