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So, I took a simple quiz on Fitness Magazine tonight,  just curious to know what type of skin I really have…what were my results? Oily to Acne Prone.  *scoffs* Surprised? Not. At. All.  I’ve known this for a long time.  I’m no stranger to blotting.  I’m always on the search for some type of serum, moisturizer, cream or face wash to try and control the oiliness of my skin.  My routine lately, it usually lasts for about a month, I’ll take visible notes of the results, which I probably don’t see any change and go right back to my usual Unscented Dove Soap Bar, which is actually keeping things at bay and under control.

Now, this past weekend, I received a little package from Klout.  If you don’t know what Klout is, get with it, join the club.  You’ll thank me later.  This is what I got:

It’s the Garnier Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub.  Before I received my little gift from Klout, I had the choice of which product I wanted from the Garnier Clean+ line depending on what skin type I had.  This scrub is specifically for oily skin.  What’s so special about this scrub is that it contains charcoal.  Activated Charcoal is known to draw out oils and dirts that block the pores, eliminate blackheads and acne, detoxify and mattify the skin.  Sounds good right? I was pretty excited to try it.

When I rubbed the scrub on my face, it felt like soft sand.  Smelled good too, very clean.  I could feel the granules just as clear as you can see them on my hand.  I made sure to cover every inch of my face, around my eyes, under my neck.  I used a nickel-sized amount, mixed with a couple of drops of water and it was just enough.  There was a light tingling, a cool sensation.  I made sure to exfoliate well, really get it into my skin.  Once that was done, I rinsed with warm water, washed my face with a warm towel and applied my moisturizer.  Now usually, after a couple of hours my face will start to feel a little oily, but after following this routine  for the past three nights, before going to bed, I’ve noticed that my face feels normal.  Not oily.  Not dry.  Just soft.  I’m not used to feeling or seeing results this quickly after using a product.  I’m staying optimistic, hoping that things stay positive with this stuff, because I really like it.  It gets a thumbs up so far from me.


I’m starting this new thing with my food posts.  I’m all about finding a new place to feed my face, and when I say new, I mean a place that I’ve never been to personally.  FOODIE FIND.  Sounds good to me!

So it’s a Saturday night.  My mom and I had a long day of running errands, we’re hungry for something, but not sure of what really.  Something quick and easy, for sure, no long waits, nothing fancy, just good food, ready to be devoured.  Mexican food, nothing hard at all…tortillas, meat, cheese, salsa, tortilla chips, sounds good right?! RIGHT!  Rusty Taco.  We pass it on our way home all the time, it’s always packed, so I mean, something MUST be good about it.

When you walk in, you can tell right away, it’s a very casual eatery.  The kitchen is open, you can see your food being prepared, the chairs and tables are steel-like picnic tables…the building kind of reminds me of an old garage.  When it comes to ordering, it’s simple as pie.  One big menu on the wall, includes all tacos even breakfast, sides (chips and salsa) and beverages.  Nothing fancy, straight to the point, order as much or as little as you want, have a seat and wait for your name to be called to pick up your order.


While waiting, the manager, I didn’t get his name, but he seemed like the one running the place.  He was so nice, greeted everyone, walked around to make sure everyone was doing ok and he brought us our house made, frozen margaritas.  Not knowing how big they were, we definitely could have shared; by the time we left, between my mom’s drink and my drink, we drank the equivalent of one.  As far as the alcohol level, the buzz, we felt relaxed, but I mean, I’ve had way stronger i.e. Mi Cocina, Gloria’s, Aw Shuck’s.  The chips and salsa. The chips, they were served hot and crunchy, but I’ve had a lot better.  I did like the salsa.

After about 5-7 minutes, our names were called and I was so excited. Like really.

(from r-l) #2, #10, #5 & #7

Seeing as though I’m on Weight Watchers, I tried to be smart when ordering my tacos.  I didn’t want to order anything really creamy, fried or covered in some sort of fattening sauce.  So, I ordered the #2 Roasted Pork Taco and the #7 Fish Taco, both on a corn tortilla.  My mom had the #5 Brisket Taco and the #10 Fried Chicken Taco, both on flour tortillas and it took everything in me to not ask my mom for a bite of that #10.  My tacos were good.  The queso fresco really hit the spot.  Gave the #2 a fresh kick.  I did order two of the more healthier options, which they still had a lot of flavor, but next time I go, I think I’ll splurge and treat myself to maybe, the #8, Baja Shrimp Taco. I love fried shrimp.  That’s the Creole in me LoL.  I’ll tell you what…that little styrofoam container, sitting oh so pretty on the tray, was a star player in my eyes.  It’s the Jalapeño Ranch Dressing.  It as supposed to go on the #10, but my mom asked for it on the side.  BIG mistake.  I guess she thought the spice from the jalapeño would be something she couldn’t handle.  That dressing was good on EVERYTHING.  I even started dipping my tortilla chips in it.  YES, it was that serious.

Well, enough of the small talk, I think I’ve made myself clear.  Rusty Taco was pretty good, I will be visiting again.  Of course I’ll be changing up my order just a bit.  Simple, clean, lots of flavor, in and out, casual, friendly and delicious.  That’s about how I would sum up Rusty Taco.

If you all didn’t know already, I’ve been natural now, no “Creamy Crack”, for about three years now…I absolutely love it.  It’s something to get used to, it’s definitely not an easy transition, but you’ll love the new texture and the overall healthiness of your hair.  I decided to take my weave out and let my scalp breathe around late December of last year.  I’m so happy I did that.  My hair had grown so much, I was honestly surprised.  Keeping my hair weaved up, no heat or stress as well, really helped strengthen it.

My cousin Fia would tell me about The DryBar occassionally after I of course complimented her on how soft and healthy her hair looked; it was so much body and fullness to it.  So, one Friday, I made an appointment at my local DryBar.  You never get the same stylist unless you request someone and I must say, I’ve been in love with the place ever since.

Their speciality – Blowouts.  That’s all they do.  NO cuts, NO color, just plain ol’ blowouts.  Your hair is washed three times at least, this is my favorite part, and then conditioned.  They take their time and make sure your scalp is squeaky clean.  You’re taken to the stylist’s station where you’re offered a beverage of your choice, everything from water to mimosas and there begins the blowout.

There’s a menu of styles to choose from, all styles are just $40.  My favorite is a combo of the Manhattan & the Straight Up.  Seeing as though I wrap my hair at night, these two are perfect for me.  Their products aren’t heavy at all and they smell SO GOOD!  On top of all that, you’re in and out in less than two hours.  I have extremely thick hair, so being able to do my hair in record time like that, I was impressed.  I’ve given them rave reviews on Yelp because they DO deserve it and until I install my weave again, The DryBar will be my “Go-To” salon.

My last post was in November….FOUR MONTHS AGO! I  want to apologize from the bottom of my heart, that is unacceptable and it will NEVER happen again.  My encouragement came from my girl, and fellow lifestyle blogger, Ms. Meagan Elyce, check out her blog, MeaganElyce, you’ll thank me later! A lot has happened in those four months though.  I’ve gotten back into the Wonderful World of Retail, I’ve been chasing my dream of becoming a Flight Attendant, my family and I moved into a new house and it REALLY feels like Home SWEET Home, things are just going really well for 2014 and I have a feeling they’re going to get A LOT better.  It’s all in HIS time and I PROMISE I’m going to start sharing ALL the greatness with you guys … XoXO

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