If you all didn’t know already, I’ve been natural now, no “Creamy Crack”, for about three years now…I absolutely love it.  It’s something to get used to, it’s definitely not an easy transition, but you’ll love the new texture and the overall healthiness of your hair.  I decided to take my weave out and let my scalp breathe around late December of last year.  I’m so happy I did that.  My hair had grown so much, I was honestly surprised.  Keeping my hair weaved up, no heat or stress as well, really helped strengthen it.

My cousin Fia would tell me about The DryBar occassionally after I of course complimented her on how soft and healthy her hair looked; it was so much body and fullness to it.  So, one Friday, I made an appointment at my local DryBar.  You never get the same stylist unless you request someone and I must say, I’ve been in love with the place ever since.

Their speciality – Blowouts.  That’s all they do.  NO cuts, NO color, just plain ol’ blowouts.  Your hair is washed three times at least, this is my favorite part, and then conditioned.  They take their time and make sure your scalp is squeaky clean.  You’re taken to the stylist’s station where you’re offered a beverage of your choice, everything from water to mimosas and there begins the blowout.

There’s a menu of styles to choose from, all styles are just $40.  My favorite is a combo of the Manhattan & the Straight Up.  Seeing as though I wrap my hair at night, these two are perfect for me.  Their products aren’t heavy at all and they smell SO GOOD!  On top of all that, you’re in and out in less than two hours.  I have extremely thick hair, so being able to do my hair in record time like that, I was impressed.  I’ve given them rave reviews on Yelp because they DO deserve it and until I install my weave again, The DryBar will be my “Go-To” salon.