If you’ve ever been to Houston, TX and driven by the corner of Travis St. & Alabama St., you’ll more than likely see a line about 50 or more people deep, wrapped around an open parking lot.  You’ll see kids playing and running around, men and women from all walks of life, young and old, conversing, laughing, waiting patiently to do what? Feed their faces at the breakfast klub!

Pretty much every time I visit Houston, it’s a must that I stand in that line, an hour, maybe more and feed my inner foodie.  It’s really a treat and always well worth the wait.  Mr. Marcus Davis, a Houston native himself, the MAN behind the breakfast klub, is a genius, pure genius.  Since it’s opening in September 2001, the breakfast klub has gotten recognized all over the the nation.  Named “best breakfast restaurants in the nation” by Good Morning America, USA Today, Esquire and Forbes. Sounds like a “winner, winner, chicken dinner to me”!

Now, if you ask anyone standing in line, I’m sure they’ll say they’re there for two famous signature items on the menu: wings & waffles OR katfish & grits.  I’ve had both and I don’t think I’ve EVER gotten up from the table without cleaning my plate.

wings & waffles…wouldn’t you clean YOUR plate?!

I’ll tell you one thing, that wait, an hour or more, I can not stress to you enough that every sweet & savory bite is worth it.  The wings, cooked and seasoned perfectly, the waffle, crunchy on the outside, sweet & soft on the inside and sprinkled with just the right amount of powdered sugar.   Everything comes to your table, hot, fresh and ready to devour.  I mean really, look at that plate above.  It’s perfection.  What I wouldn’t give to have that at my dinner table tonight SMH.  Back to the subject at hand as I snap out of my culinary daydream…listen, if you happen to visit Houston, or if you’re just passing through, trust me.  Trust Ms. Chay.  Wait in that line, I promise you will thank me forever.

***the breakfast klub

3711 Travis at Alabama

Houston, TX  77002