Got another pretty little package from Klout today…as a matter of fact it was the World’s Most Beautiful gift box!  How did I receive such a thing you ask?! I told y’all, join Klout!  It’s probably one of the coolest sites.  Really!  I mean all you have to do is Tweet, post to Instagram & Facebook, be the social media whore pretty much all of the World already is, and you can start getting pretty little packages in the mail too!

Now, as far as I’M concerned, because I’m such a well-respected Klout influencer, I was chosen to experience People’s new V.I.P. subscription.  Not only did I get the beautiful box, BUT I got three months of PEOPLE magazine in print and digital and access to PEOPLE Premium.  Pretty cool huh?

Let’s get back to the really good stuff though, this perfect, pretty pink box…


Wanna see what’s inside?! I’m sure you do!  Now, these aren’t just any old giveaway products, but these are PEOPLE’s Editors’ Picks, World’s Most Beautiful

  • Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing recipe cards.  Lisa Lillien put together 50 easy-to-follow recipe cards of guilt-free versions of your favorite foods.  Low calorie versions of EVERYTHING, just in time for swimsuit season, Summer is RIGHT around the corner!
  • Zoya Nail Polish in Rue So, the “thing” these days is natural, simple, soft manicures, nothing fancy.  Zoya, a brand known for it’s durability and great colors, brings us Rue, a shade perfect for all skin tones and any occasion.
  • Professional Hair Detangler It’s part hairbrush, part miracle worker, so I’m reading.  The bristle lengths vary, so it makes for a pain-free experience on wet OR dry hair.  I’m three years natural, I have thick, curly, long hair.  I’ll definitely find out if this works miracles on detangling MY hair.
  • Delicate Spring Bracelet Worn alone OR layered with other pieces, great with casual outfits or formal…it’s fun, pretty and the gold-accents really stand out all around with the cool blue in-style color.
  • Chevron Beauty Set Chevron is THE pattern to be seen in and with this season.  This set is perfect for the purse OR the suitcase, for lipsticks or the whole makeup bag.  You pick.

I’m excited for ALL these goodies in this beautiful box.  The bracelet I KNOW will be worn this weekend.  Sunday Funday maybe?! We shall see.