The hardest part on this weight loss journey is getting rid of that blasted area that we all call, our stomach, our midsection, our tummy *side eye*…don’t get me wrong, it’s gotten flatter since I started this Weight Watchers, healthier living lifestyle in January, but it’s ALWAYS the slowest and last to go…UGH!

I was conversing with my Godsister about three weeks or so ago and she told me about this waist cincher that she got from Perfect My Silhouette.  I had seen it all over Instagram, specifically on this site, but also EVERYONE is selling them, they are EVERYWHERE!  After hearing my Godsister talk about this specific site though, how much she liked her cincher and that it does work, that gave me the green light to go ahead and see what this body garment is all about for myself.

Luckily, when I decided to order, they were  on sale, regular $60, got mine on Sale for $50.  FYI…I checked on the site and it looks like they’re having another awesome sale, it’s now $45.  Not sure how long that’s going to last, BUT that’s a VERY good deal!

I don’t remember how long it took to get my package, but when it came I could not WAIT to get everything going, get to defining this waist even MORE! I got the plain, black cincher, no color, I just wanted it to get the job done, I didn’t need any patterns or bells and whistles lol…the cincher has two rows of hooks, the one more towards the outside being the tightest.  That’s what you want to work your way to, the key to this whole waist training thing is take your time, don’t rush anything, don’t order the cincher any smaller than what you SHOULD order according to your height and weight.  The results will come, TRUST ME!

So, below is the instant results as soon as I put it under a simple tank top…at first, I will say that the tightness is a little surprising and overwhelming.  At first, I thought that I had gotten the wrong size, but I didn’t, it’s just that your body is not used to something squeezing you that tight.  I will say that after about 30 minutes, everything was fine and I got used to it that fast.  I also noticed that it gave me a bit of a boob lift!

I’ve gotten in the habit of wearing my cincher at home when I’m getting ready in the morning, all day at work until lunch time, I’ll take an hour break to eat and rest just a bit, then put it back on for the remainder of my work day.  I REALLY like wearing it when I workout, I can really see and feel the results then, it really makes me sweat.  I’ve been wearing my cincher for about 2-2 1/2 weeks and I SEE my results….

I see it now, you WILL lose INCHES before you lose POUNDS.  Pretty cool huh?!  I remember when these things first came out, I was on the “No” team, it just seemed like a big fad, a fly by night, quick results thing, but it really works.  I honestly am obsessed with my waist cincher and I’ve told so many people about it.  Along with eating right, getting you activities and workouts in, you TOO will love it and love your results, I PROMISE!