I don’t know one person that doesn’t like happy hour…really!  I mean, I believe it’s called that because during those hours, of cheap prices, good food and strong drinks…you’re HAPPY lol

Kona Grill definitely knows how to keep a smile on their customer’s faces and I can testify to that.  Their most popular location, for most Dallas, TX natives was the Northpark location, but the newest Plano location is the place to be nowadays.  The vibe is just so much better.  The Northpark location, it’s very drab.  Not much light, very dim and I guess, romantic in some ways, for some people, but not me.  When I think of happy hours, I think HAPPY, excitement, fun, loud talking, big, bright atmosphere.  This new Plano location gives you all that AND some.  Any meet-ups I plan with friends and family, this is one of my favorite Go-To spots.  The layout is so social, so modern, so fly.  The patio circles the restaurant, it’s very spacious, lots of tables, lots of chairs, you can enjoy the fire outside, even on a hot Texas day, very intimate.  I also love that the bar opens up to the patio, so you can enjoy the ambience of the outside AND the inside.  The lighting is perfect, bright and energetic.  For the sports fans, there are TVs everywhere, on ESPN of course…you can’t go wrong with that!

Chicken Satay & Beef Bulgogi Tacos

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been to any Kona location for anything outside of the Happy Hour.  I mean you can’t beat it with a stick!  Monday through Friday 3pm-7pm, REVERSE Happy Hour (Club Kona lol) from 9pm-11pm, Saturdays as well and then ALL DAY Sunday.  And now here comes the good part, the eats and the drinks.  You get everything from sushi, to tacos to different types of flatbreads, all delicious.  Some of my faves include the chicken satay, which comes with this amazing coleslaw, the BBQ chicken flatbread, the bulgogi tacos and their potstickers.  Can you tell I’ve been there A LOT?!  Then, you can wash it all down with one of their refreshing, yet quite strong happy hour margaritas, regular, strawberry or mango.  I tend to mix strawberry and mango, get the best of both Worlds.  The best thing about ALL of this, everything on the menu is under $10!  More of a reason that I call this place one of my FAVES!  GO KONA!