I was born and raised in Dallas, TX and it’s crazy that I never even knew that this quaint, quiet, little restaurant was even located in The Westin Galleria…on the 2nd floor!  My best friend and I hadn’t had a Bestie Date in a while, so she picked this place.  I looked up the reviews on Yelp, of course, and the review ratings that I saw, were pretty good, four and five star ratings.  Looking at the pictures, which is my favorite thing, enticed me as well…very fancy.

We arrived around 7:00, took our seats at the bar, found out that happy hour ended at 6:00, darn it.  Our server, as well as the bartender, was very nice, very welcoming.  He told us all of the specials, what’s good, what’s popular.  The place wasn’t crowded at all, so we pretty much got his undivided attention.  I wanted a drink, but nothing too heavy, nothing too strong.  They had a great selection, everything sounded so pretty.  My drink, the Cucumber Sip, wasn’t too strong, really wasn’t that strong at all, but it was refreshing.

Cucumber Sip

Cucumber Sip

I’m always happy with starting with an appetizer.  It sets the mood.  The Deviled Eggs caught my eye.  I’ve noticed that’s the “thing” to order, the “it” starter to go with lately in a lot of restaurants, and most of the time, they’re really good.  Everyone has their own twist.  The best part to me, in this case, was the juicy lobster placed ever so beautifully on top.  The filling was seasoned perfectly and so creamy.  I think I ate three.  There were five to split between my best friend and I. Don’t judge me.

Deviled Eggs...Lobster. YUM!

Deviled Eggs…Lobster. YUM!

Now comes the, “Uh Oh” moment.  Our main entrees.  I ordered the Steak & Fries.  My best friend ordered the shrimp and grits.  when they came out, my plate was piled high with fries, thick pieces of steak.  Not juicy though.  I ordered medium well, it was well done.  A bit on the tough, rubbery side.  Since then I’ve learned that in restaurants, if it’s not a real steakhouse, order medium and it’ll be perfect.  Most cooks, when told medium well, they usually go past that mark on the grill and it comes out well done.  Failure.  The fries, I mean, they were good.  You can’t really mess up fries.  Good amount of salt on them, hot, honestly that was the best thing on my plate.  Now, to my best friend.  When her plate came out, the prawns, huge prawns, stole the show.  I tasted one and they were perfect.  As we examined the plate, we noticed pickled carrots on top, which is odd for a shrimp and grits dish.  The first bite was taken and immediately something wasn’t right.  I read it all over my girl’s face.  Turns out, the “grits” which was really cauliflower grits, were mixed with carrot puree.  Huh?!  Now listen, I’m from the South, both of us are.  I’ve lived in Dallas all my life, my family is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, went to school there as well, so I know, we know, down home, authentic Southern cooking.  These cauliflower grits, were not the deal, at all.  When people think of grits, they think of hot, creamy, buttery, thick grits, that could possibly clog your arteries and you’ll be ok with it.  Then this carrot puree was just wrong in all ways.  So, I’m sure you can guess what happened after that…it was sent back.  Quickly.

To try and keep this experience on a slightly positive note, together we looked over the menu again and selected another entrée for her to go with.  Mac & Cheese.  Fingers were crossed that it was like home cooking, but in the back of our heads, we kinda knew it wasn’t going to be on that level.  So it comes out.  Bland in color. Really soupy, but piping hot.  Judging commences.  The first bite was taken and surprisingly it was really good!  Great flavor, reminded us a lot of Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese.  We started off eating it with a fork, don’t ask why, but when we traded out for a spoon it seemed to taste even better.  Also, as it cooled off, it got thicker, so it started to remind us a little more of homemade, but still the boxed look.  We cleaned the bowl, all of it.  Honestly, if I went back, I’d order that and the deviled eggs and be a happy woman.

Overall, The 2nd floor would be great for an after five, after work cocktail at the bar.  I wouldn’t come back for dinner.  Don’t get me wrong, there were good parts, but the not so good outweighed everything.  Date night, meetings, drinks with the girls, the ambiance is perfect for all that.  I believe in trying most things more than once, this place is definitely on the list for “let’s try it again”.