It’s safe to say that I’m pretty much addicted to this place.  I’m ok with admitting that too!  In the past three weeks, I’ve eaten at this establishment three times and two of those occasions were back to back.  You’ll understand why once I get to the nitty gritty of it all.

I like everything about Yard House.  The wait staff, the layout, the menu, food and drinks, the location, the ambience, everything.  My first time coming here was for their late night happy hour, which is right up my alley.  I’m always down for a happy hour, especially after the club.  Our waiter, so much fun, that always makes things even better.  He was so silly, we even ended up singing along with him on a couple of the songs that were playing in the restaurant.  Not a dull moment.

So. Happy Hour.  The selection is pretty much anything that’s on the full menu appetizer list, prices ranging from $5-$8.  Winning.  They even have another section of Snack items, small plates going for about $4-$7.  Still winning. I’m just going to get to it.  My favorites, the Crispy Brussels Sprouts & Ripped Potatoes, Deviled Eggs and the Garlic Noodles.  I could eat all of these, over and over, all day.  They’re honestly that good.

Each one of these dishes had something so unique and delicious, a special addition, I mean I couldn’t get enough.  First the Brussels sprouts and potatoes.  Crispy, yet tender, both of them, I would have never though of that combination, but it’s that malt vinegar aioli layered on the bottom that set it off.  It’s the sour, savory, creamy, goodness that you want with every bite.  It all just…goes!  The Deviled Eggs, definitely not the ones your mom or grandmother made for a family BBQ.  I’ve had a thing for deviled eggs lately.  Any time they’re on the menu, that’s what I go for.  These had a little sweet and savory kick to them.  The eggs were drizzled with this sweet, sort of chunky, tomato sauce and placed in the middle was a thick piece of candied bacon.  Give me a bowl of those and I wouldn’t have left the restaurant.  All of the textures, smooth, chewy, creamy, they went perfect together!  Now, this last dish, definitely far from the least, it was a meal pretty much.  To call it an appetizer, when it was placed in front of me, I believe the only thing I could say was, “WOW.”  What made this dish, was the sauce.  It was of Asian influence, sweet like teriyaki, but salty like soy sauce.  Coated the noodles evenly and it was the perfect amount.  Not too dry, not too wet.  Each forkful was full of noodles, an abundance.  The huge amount of parmesan and garlic, it made me happy.  Carbs.  Gotta love ’em.

Now, can you tell how much I love this place?  I mean just reading what I experienced, wouldn’t you too?!  Go there. Soon. Now. Today!