When you see powdered sugar in the air, you know you’re close.  You know you’re close to the “promise land” that is Cafe Du Monde.  Right in the middle of Jackson Square, in the French Market on Decatur St., you can’t miss it.  First you’ll see the green & white striped covering and 9 times out of 10, you’ll see a line wrapped around the building or up and down the sidewalk.  On a good, busy day, every table is taken and anxious people with wide eyes are waiting and looking to get the next seat that comes available.

So, what are they waiting to dig their teeth into?  This…


BEIGNETS.  Soft, hot, fried dough fritters, covered with lots of powdered sugar and served in orders of three.  You can definitely share or eat them all by yourself, but let’s be real, I prefer to eat all three all by myself.  Yup.  I’m greedy.  Cafe Du Monde stays open 24 hours, seven days a week, closed only on Christmas Day and occasionally if a hurricane passes a little too close to New Orleans, which is very understanding.  What I love about it staying open all day and all night is, you can satisfy that sweet tooth late at night after the club with a cold glass of chocolate milk OR treat yourself early in the morning to an order with Coffee Au Lait (mixed half and half with hot milk).  Both ways are good.  You can’t go wrong with either.  I wish we had one here in Dallas, but because we don’t, I must stop by, no matter how long the line, no matter how hot, and it gets HOT, to get my fresh order of three. Once you try them, you’ll nod your head in exact agreement and understand what I’m talking about.  Just watch!