I have a new love for Macaroons.  French Macaroons to be exact.  What are they you ask?  They’re pretty much the best French dessert ever.  In my opinion.  Aside from almond croissants, madeleines and beignets.  I have a sweet tooth, JEEZ! Don’t judge me!  Macaroons are these oh-so-pretty, light, sweet, airy meringue cookies that sandwich sweet, flavorful buttercream mousseline.  The best thing is the flavors that are created.  I would like to thank my girl Ms. Meagan Ball for introducing me to them at one of the best dessert shops I’ve ever been to…Sucré.  It’s like if Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory & Candyland had a baby.  Sounds awesome right?!  Well it is!

You walk in and immediately you smell all kinds of sweetness.  Chocolate, ice cream, sherbet, cake, fondant, buttercream, marshmallows, cookies, candied pecans…it’s almost like they made a Bath & Body Works Wallflower called Sucré, which is all the scents above, and plugged them in all over the place.  Sugar overload.  Nothing wrong with that.

(L-R Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, Blackberry Lemon, Apple Pie)

I would like to give honorable mention to one flavor that absolutely blew my mind.  The Apple Pie Macaroon.  The first bite, right away, it’s like taking a forkful of a fresh piece of hot-out-of-the-oven, apple pie.  The notes of cinnamon and apple are unbelievably strong in the most pleasant way ever.  I was taken back.  I literally closed my eyes as I chewed.  Nostalgic flavor for sure.

Sucré is located on Magazine St., so not only can you take your cup of ice cream (try Key Lime Pie) out on the street while strolling during a beautiful day, but there are tons of little boutique shops and restaurants to window shop and get a quick bite to eat.  It’s very hippy-ish on Magazine St., like a little town of it’s own.  Unfortunately, the last time I went, it was on 4th of July, so I didn’t get to do a lot of shopping, well any at that.

Anyways, when in The Big Easy, go to Sucré.  Treat yourself. To A lot. Try all of it.  I think on my last visit, I spent a good $30…but it was well worth it.  I mean, there’s so many options, you don’t want to leave without trying…well ALL of it!