Who doesn’t like pizza?  I mean, it’s hot, melted, stringy cheese, with whatever toppings you can think of and as many as your heart desires…placed ever so beautifully and strategically on top of crunchy, chewy, doughy crust.  Is your mouth watering?! Mine is.  The picture above, does no justice to how good each and every slice of that pizza was.  That pizza is the deliciousness from Urban Crust.  Word of mouth was how I found out about this unique place.  My parents couldn’t stop talking about it, they had been a couple of times.  Clearly they enjoyed themselves.  I think it’s the location that makes it even better, because it’s kind of unexpected.  It’s like a hidden jewel.  You definitely, well I mean I definitely, wouldn’t have expected for a place like this to be located here.

Historic Downtown Plano, which has grown so much since the 1900s, located on the East side of North Central Expressway, surrounding 15th St., where the streets are paved with cobblestone.  You’ve got little boutiques everywhere, the huge old courthouse, urbanized with new retail shops, restaurants and housing.  It’s definitely the newest place to eat, play, shop, live and just have a good time.

Now, walking into Urban Crust, you wouldn’t even know that it’s three stories high.  I surely didn’t.  Each level is pretty slim, close quarters, stairs leading up to each floor.  The old, industrial building, which used to be a harness and saddle establishment, has a new look to it.  A hip, modern concept.  Oh, but wait!  What really makes it the “Place to Be” is the 30 ft. long, 32 degree, frozen rooftop bar.  Coolest thing ever.  Literally.  I absolutely loved it.  Not only is the bar cool, no pun intended, but the bartenders are even cooler.  Good people!  Our bartender, I hate that his name has escaped my mind, but he kept us entertained all night, created great drinks for us and kept the vibe and the ambience going all night.

Wait though…I’m supposed to be talking about the pizza right?! All off subject.  If, no when you go, get some kind of pizza. Any kind.  You must.  Judging from Yelp photos, the Black & Blue seems to be a popular choice.  I went with a friend and I wanted one type of pizza, she wanted another, so we did the whole half and half thing.  We ordered the Margherita Pizza, but one half was topped with pepperoni.  Two great choices.  Of course, my favorite thing was the crust, the bread. The carb.  I also liked the pepperoni though, because they were mini pepperonis.  Just the right amount of spice and bite.

So, if anything, take a ride on over to Downtown Plano, there’s really a lot to do, but a lot of people haven’t caught on yet.  It’s a lot of landmarks, you can park and walk, the sidewalks and streets are always busy.  Even if you just want to chill, walk on into Urban Crust, head to the top floor, get a refreshing drink and overlook all of Plano from their rooftop.  It’s absolutely beautiful!