…and the subject today is, FOOD!

the menu...so creative

the menu…so creative

Amazing food at that.  I had the pleasure of visiting Public School 214 on a lunch date with my mother.  It was lunchtime, not busy at all, we were seated right away and had the pleasure of being served by Mr. Chris.  One of the best, nicest and might I add cutest, waiters I’ve met.  From start to finish, he suggested, which I love, he asked how we liked our food, he gave his opinion on certain items and he made sure that we were taken care of the whole time.

I was treating my mother, so we went all the way in, we were fatties that day. My name was “Gertrude” and my mom’s name was “Claudine” LoL.  I did like that the menu was not overwhelming with a gazillion choices.  That makes it so much easier to choose.  Doesn’t fry my brain.  The first thing that stuck out, appetizer of course, was the Fried Buffalo Cauliflower.  What. A. Great. Choice.  I mean, we cleaned that mini crock pot.  The cauliflower was fried in rice flour, so it was still crunchy in texture on the inside and outside, still firm, fresh and hot.  I love sauces, the Lord knows I do and the dish came with ranch and Frank’s hot sauce.  Yeah we killed it all.  Not a crumb left.  Might I add that the cauliflower pieces were beyond huge.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show, the main event.  My personal choice was Bangers & Mash.  I always hear chefs and the professional foodies talk about it on The Food Network, I’ve never had it, it always looks good, the name, not really the most pleasant, but I decided to try it.  Man.  Was I a happy woman at first bite.  What I really liked about how this particular Bangers & Mash was made, was that they used chicken sausage.  I was sold when I saw that.  Huge pieces of chicken sausage.  Juicy. Hot. full of flavor.  Then, you have the mash, mashed potatoes.  These mashed potatoes were made by the hands of Jesus himself.  They were a blessing to my soul.  Smooth and chunky at the same time, they had this hint of horseradish to them, chopped brussels sprouts and thick pieces of bacon.  Every bite was happiness.  Every bite I took, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and just melted.  I couldn’t finish it all in one sitting, but please believe those leftovers were even better the next day at work.

Public School 214, gets an A+ in my grade book, I mean there was not one test they didn’t pass with me.  From the moment we walked in that door, to the moment we left that good ol’ tip for Mr. Chris.  I haven’t been back since, only because I’m always on the hunt to find somewhere else to spend my money and fill my belly, but Public School 214, I will be gracing them with my presence again.  Ang again after that.