Key Lime Cake

So, guess what?! I’ve found a new love.  Sweet love that is and I’m not talking about Anita Baker.  It was like finding a hidden treasure when I found Cake Bar.  It’s located in this new area called Trinity Groves, in the heart of West Dallas, black-owned.  You’ll find a lot of new establishments in this area, from restaurants to retail, artistry to entertainment.  As eclectic as I am, I’m upset at myself for not knowing about Trinity Groves earlier.  When I saw all of the businesses, how modern and fun they were, the landscaping, the architecture, the view of Downtown Dallas, the beautiful Margaret Hunt Hall Bridge, just everything, it didn’t even feel like I was still in Dallas!

There’s no place like Cake Bar, that I’ve ever been to in Dallas at least.  It’s a delicacy.  Reminds me of home.  It felt like I was in the kitchen of a family member, like my auntie or my grandmother’s house.  So welcoming.  So nostalgic.  When you first walk in, you’re greeted by Ms. Debra, loudly, “HI! WELCOME TO CAKE BAR!”  She held a whole conversation with my friend and I, just about being a business owner and how social networks can affect her establishment as well as others.  She’s so down to Earth, so real, we laughed with her the whole time.  She was a one-woman machine.  Taking orders, changing the menu, stamping bags, greeting everyone that walked through the door, all while keeping a smile on her face.  Everyone was just so friendly.

Me & THE Woman, Ms. Debra!

Me & THE Woman, Ms. Debra!

I didn’t know where to look first when I walked through the door.  Sweet, made-from-scratch goodies, everywhere. The menu, SMH, you got cakes, ice cream, pound cakes, breads, cookies…but I came for what they’re called, CAKE Bar.  I was torn between so many.  The Key Lime Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake (which I later found out they were sold out of) and the Hummingbird Cake.  Because of the bright, vibrant green color of the cake, I chose the Key Lime Cake. One of their most popular choices and I now know why.  It was so moist, the icing was sweet, but not too sweet, and for $4.50, you get a pretty big slice.  I couldn’t finish mine, but I wanted to so bad.

After enjoying every delicious bite of our slices of cake, we just sat around, “people watched”.  To see everyone’s faces of happiness and excitement to try the cake, it was funny, but the best was to see Ms. Debra and her staff talk to everyone, joke around and make everyone feel good, feel at home, when they walked into her place.  I mean, it’s called Cake Bar.  How can you not walk in with a smile and be excited to treat your sweet tooth?!