I love birthdays. Wait.  Let me be honest…I love birthday DINNERS!  A reason to celebrate the awesome birth of a loved one and feed your face at the same time.  This time, it was for my girl Mrs. Lashune.  I really liked that her husband picked somewhere different for us to go, somewhere new, where no one had been, so that we could all experience a culinary adventure at the same time.



For GOOD Italian food,  he picked a great place.  Crudo Wood Fired Taverna in Frisco, TX.  It definitely made my list!  I’d never heard of this place and I live in that area.  It’s a very romantic vibe, very sultry, but I will say, the noise level was pretty high.  For such a small place, it was pretty noisy.  No big deal though, at all, because the group, the party I was with, we probably added to the noise.  Never a dull moment when you include my family and our friends; but the noise level, it was kind of surprising.

Let me say, the staff was very accommodating.  Our reservation was set for 7:00pm, but pretty much everyone was late, C.P. time for real, like 45 minutes late (if you have to ask what this means…never mind, just don’t ask lol). Even with our tardiness, and them giving away half our table to parties that were on time, they still sat our table of ten within 15 minutes of everyone’s arrival.  Very sweet, very nice of them.  Patience is real.

Everyone was handed a menu and it was a bit overwhelming, but in a good way.  The reason I say that is because the descriptions of all of the items was so detailed.  Literally each ingredient is listed.  I liked it, because I had options, but it made it harder to decide, which I love and hate, because it made each dish sound even more delicious!  After a good 20 minutes of going back and forth between three and four dishes, I stalled by ordering a salad.  Can’t go wrong with that.  The Mixed Greens Salad, soaked in a white balsamic vinaigrette.  The reason I cleaned the whole surface area of my plate.  Then, I boldly went with the Pappardelle w/ Pulled Lamb Ragu.  I love Pappardelle.  Big, flat noodles, more room to hold all the sauce and the goodies inside.  It came out hot and fresh.  The two pieces of toasted crostini were great instruments to sop up the sauce.  I could’ve eaten more than two of those easily.

I love that each dish was cooked to order, no sitting under a hot light.  You could taste the freshness in each bite.  Presentation was great and the portion size was on point.  They have an open kitchen, so you can see the cooks doing what they do best, creating masterpieces and all the delicious smells swirling around the restaurant, really nice.  Great date spot, any celebration or special occasion.  I left with a smile on my face and a full, happy stomach!