Any foodie, culinary expert, food blogger, chef should know that name in the title…whether it be a little or a lot, you should at least know the name, cause he is. SOMEBODY!  Stephan Pyles is that dude.  A well known chef and cookbook author, born in the great state of Texas, which there’s no surprise that he’s an expert, founding father of Southwestern cuisine, according to Wikipedia, which I do believe that fact is correct.

The New York Times called Pyles “an absolute genius in the kitchen.” The Dallas Morning News further stated, “If anyone can lead this town to its next level of culinary evolution, it’s Stephan Pyles.”

All of that above, those are the reasons why I had to visit his restaurant, located in Downtown Dallas, Stampede 66.  My parents raved about it over and over, I trust their taste buds lol…They led me in the right direction.  You walk into this place and you feel the comfort, the casual vibe, the down home, Texas feel.  The décor says it all as well.  Lots of wood everywhere, the huge bar has a modern saloon look, you got bullhorns hanging from the ceilings, accents of the country, farm life.


Our table wasn’t ready quite yet when we arrived, so we didn’t mid sitting at the bar to wait.  Of course, ordering a drink was the next step.  Let me say, they served me one of the BEST margaritas I’ve EVER had!  No lie.  The Prickly Pear Margarita, which is what I keep calling it, but really, it’s their Modern Star Canyon Margarita.  The Margarita Cart, came to me, bar side, and started the show.  The server used the secret ingredient, liquid nitrogen and mixed it with Don Julio Blanco tequila, prickly pear fruit, Patron Citron, lime and candied jalapeno.  What was created was this beautiful, vibrant magenta, frozen cocktail, more like a pre-dinner dessert drink.  To finish it off, it was topped with sweet, whipped cream and spicy, candied jalapenos.  I loved that they served it with what I call, a spraw.  A utensil with a spook at the end, but the handle is straw that you can sip through as well.  Really cool, the whole presentation REALLY entertaining!



When it comes to their food, it’s a twist to down home, country Southern cooking.  My parents kept telling me about this bread that they ordered when they went, Shiner Bock Beer Bread.  Listen. To. This.  It’s fresh, hot bread, served in a Shiner Bock Beer can.  I think it was pre-sliced for us, served with soft, creamy butter.  Every bite I took, I closed my eyes.  It was SO GOOD!  I wanted to order another one for the table, but that would’ve been too greedy.  I mean look at it, crusty, flaky, thick on the outside…soft, slightly sweet, thick, moist and hot on the inside. Believe you, me…order that bread when you go, it’s A-MA-ZING!