You know when you were young and your parents used to always go to certain places that only grown ups went to for dinner?  It was like they would shun you away from he door if you brought your kids?  Well that’s how I used to feel about Houston’s when I was young.  It just seemed so exclusive, so “adult.”  Now of course they let kids in, but when your parents did bring you, you almost felt like you shouldn’t have been there.  Now that I’m grown, I know why, I see why.  Houston’s has that vibe, it has that feel.  You walk in, the light is very dim, the bar is packed, the waiters are clothed in all white, very professional and sharp, the menu is very classy.  I mean, Houston’s is a classic.  It’s been around for, I feel like, forever.  Whether the occasion is to just unwind, at the bar, by yourself, after a long day, or if it’s you and your girlfriends or date night, Houston’s is the best for all of that.

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, the reason why you’re here…how you can really get the Houston’s experience.  Their appetizers.  It’s the introduction to nothing but delectableness.  First, their Chicago-Style Spinach & Artichoke Dip.  I wanna say, it’s gotta be, or it goes unsaid, as being one of their signature items, most popular.  It’s something about this dip, that they do differently than everyone else.  It’s creamy, rich, the right amount of ingredients, not too much of this and not too much of that.  It’s served in a ramekin, topped with parmesan cheese and what really makes it, served with salsa, sour cream and warm tortilla chips.  That combination of the cool sour cream, with the hot dip and the zesty salsa.  Definitely right when I say, “often imitated, but never duplicated”, *cough* Cheddar’s!  I don’t see how people don’t finish this, ALL.

Now, to what I’ve fallen in love with, the MAIN attraction.  You’ve waited long enough…I’m so EXCITED!  I could definitely eat it now.  Like RIGHT NOW!  Scroll down, slooooowly…*tear forms in my left eye*


Is it not gorgeous?!  Let me introduce you to Houston’s House-Smoked Salmon.  This is probably one of the best pieces of salmon I’ve ever had.  Perfect.  It’s a thick, flaky, moist, tender, so simple piece of salmon, yet it makes such a huge impression!  When I do go to Houston’s, I honestly could get this every time, I do get it every time, I smile and I’m happy.  The delectable dish is served with the Chef’s dressing, the ingredients aren’t disclosed, but I’m guessing dill is incorporated in there, has a pickled taste as well.  Buttered, triangle toasts accompany the fish, but I don’t even need that.  It’s all superb together, goes perfectly, but that salmon, it’s a star on it’s own.  The flavor is phenomenal, I kid you not.  I thank my friend Gary for introducing me, because it was love at first bite.  Every bite after that, just gets better and better.  Salmon, oh Salmon.  You light up my life.