In case I haven’t mentioned it, I love brunch.  Breakfast and lunch.  The best of both Worlds.  You can do savory or sweet and definitely not feel weird about it, like, “Should I order this?”  Go all out.  Do it big!

I attended a birthday brunch at this restaurant called Taverna.  It’s located in the heart of Dallas, minutes from Downtown.  It’s kinda blended in with the other restaurants along that sidewalk, but you can’t miss it, as long as you know how to read, and you see the sign, Taverna.  They also have a valet booth that’s always there, very convenient, especially after you’ve circled the block a good two to three times.

This may sound corny, but when you walk in, the sound of the hustle and bustle of people and the staff, it gives you a comfortable feeling, like everyone is friends, like it’s one big restaurant and everyone is just enjoying themselves, having a good time, almost like everybody knows everybody.  That’s clearly not the case though, but you get the point.  They have outside seating, in this neat, aged stone hallway, like it leads to a secret room, open to the sky, shaded, cool, very different.


The best thing about our Italian experience, our table was right in front of the open kitchen.  Everything that was prepared was fresh, hot and delicious.  Let me tell you about the way we started out Sunday brunch:  the Antipasto Emiliano.  A huge platter for a huge table.  Talk about of a beautiful presentation, and I hate that I didn’t get a picture.  A plate full of prosciutto, mortadella (Italian cold cut, one of my favorites), salame, mixed olives, which paired perfectly with everything, artichokes, which were crazy tender, parmesan chunks, bruschetta, bread was the perfect consistency, not too crunchy and hard on the outside, but perfectly toasted, yet soft center, tomatoes seasoned simply, and fresh mozzarella.  Did you envision that?  Did I paint a perfect picture? I hope so!

My Chop Salad was fresh and bright, savory, lots of texture, which is the best, love salads with a lot going on.  I added a couple of pieces of the mortadella to my salad, great idea.  Talk about bacon galore, crumbled up, all in and throughout.  Huge chunks of blue cheese and I’m a sucker for a vinaigrette, this was herb, it was light, yet full of flavor.  I was torn between ordering the salad and the Polenta & Eggs Al Forno, so on my next visit, breakfast it is.  No questions asked.

chop salad

I can say that I truly enjoyed myself at Taverna.  We had a great waiter, he kept the $2.00 bellinis and mimosas coming, glasses always filled to the rim, the birthday girl got a birthday tiramisu, that she shared with the table, and that was delish.  The location, perfect to eat and walk, bar hop, enjoy the day, wait a couple of hours, eat some more.  Oh, and by the way, if you happen to be in the Austin area, the location on W. 2nd St. has Happy Hour all night on Mondays and Sunday-Friday, 4pm-7pm.  Road trip anyone?!