“but it’s not Christmas, it’s Thanksgiving…” blah, blah, blah, blah, Yes I know, I know, but when I saw this recipe on Pinterest, it had to be made, A-SAP.  I think the thing that caught my eye is the glaze on this mix, it shined so brightly.  I got the recipe from Simple Fare, Fairly Simple.  That’s what this sweet concoction was, fairly simple and too easy.  It was fun making it too, and when I say fun, I mean, eating and snacking on it as I made it.  So anyways, you wanna know the recipe?  Well, here ya go, I got pictures and everything!


rice chex cereal, Golden Grahams, shredded coconut, slivered almonds

As far as my ingredients, I wasn’t fancy with it. I mean it’s all gonna taste good coated generously with high calorie sweetness.  I got the generic  brand of the rice cereal, didn’t get actual Chex, I DID get real Golden Grahams.  I bought a 14 oz. bag of SWEETENED coconut, I couldn’t find a 7 oz. bag, so I just used half of it.


Mix all of that up.  Mix Well.


THREE sticks butter, TWO cups sugar, TWO cups corn syrup…don’t make no sense SMH

Side Note:  Now, this recipe called for a candy thermometer *blank stare* Keep in mind, I made this crack the night before Thanksgiving and Walmart was the ONLY stop I was making, I didn’t have nobody’s time to be going all around the metroplex looking for this gadget.  When I tell y’all I spent a GOOD hour looking for this candy thermometer, I tell you no lie.  My feet were burning, I was still in my work heels, I was TIIIIIED (tired) and I was ready to go. Home.  After finally asking someone who looked like they actually wanted to exemplify great customer service, I found it, not 30 ft. from where I looked, over and over, driving myself crazy.

Now, in a saucepan, you’re going to cook the butter, sugar and corn syrup to the “soft ball” stage of 234 degrees.  I think I let my mixture heat to about 225, I got a little impatient and I was ready to mix everything up anyways.  Forgive me.


Mix it up, Mix it up, Mix it up…MIX IT!

The smell coming from that bowl, my mouth watered instantly.  I honestly could’ve eaten it just like that.  With my big metal spoon and all.  Packing on holiday pounds. SMH.  So after mixing really well, making sure every piece of everything was coated, scoop that all onto two large cookie sheets.  I didn’t have any parchment paper, I didn’t want to dirty up the dishes, less to wash, so I lined the cookie sheets with foil


you’ll want to lick the bowl, I promise…do what makes you happy


Once it’s spread out on the cookie sheets, you’re pretty much done.  I let mine sit overnight, covered it.  To keep it from clumping too much, break it up and move it around a bit.  It’s a very sticky treat, but that’s what makes it so good! I understand why it’s called Crack, I could not stop eating it.  It’s DE-LISH.  I’m so serious too.  Just wait until you make it, you’ll completely understand.  This is a warning!