This holiday season, I’m really in the giving mood!  I just came to the conclusion that I’m at that age where I’m pretty much included, by default, in the group of family members that has to bring a dish to my auntie and grandmother’s house.  I accepted that task with open arms.

Once again, tip-toed on over to Pinterest and once again, she didn’t let me down.  I look at Pinterest so much, on a daily basis, the iPhone app is the best thing ever.  I always say, “I’mma make that one day!”  Welp, I was true to my word.  Sweets seem to be what I’m attracted to, what catches my little eye; like, sugary sweet, make your teeth hurt, diabetes in a bowl, sweets.  This recipe, for Pecan Pie Bark, came from Wishes and Dishes, sounds so whimsical huh?!  Simple, yummy, sugary, goodness.  When you eat it, it tastes JUST LIKE Pecan Pie, smells like it too.  It reminds me of like leftover crust from the pie, that’s still coated with a corner or two of the pecan pie filling.  Basically, damn good.


this is it. this is all you need. 


While your oven is preheating to 325 degrees, start arranging your graham crackers on your cookie sheet.  Just so clean up would be easier for me, I rubbed my sheet with butter.  It helped, trust me.


the recipe called for 12 sheets, which is two packages, but I have a big family to treat…so I had way more than that

Now, yes the graham crackers, I’m sure, were supposed to be flat, but yeah, mine just weren’t doing that for me.  I tried to make them as flat as I could, breaking them up, positioning them differently, what you see above, that’s about as good as it got.  No biggie really.


two sticks of butter (ya gotta love it), white sugar, pecan halves

In a deep, non stick pot, I cooked the butter, sugar and pecan halves for about five minutes.  Stirring constantly.  The recipe said three minutes, it honestly didn’t make a difference, I promise.  I wanted to make sure everything was meshed well together, that’s all.  Call me a rebel.


Once the butter and sugar were melted down, with the pecans, into that hot greatness you see above, I carefully and evenly (you saw my graham crackers, so the mixture didn’t exactly go over evenly, but it was good enough…an “A” for effort) over the graham crackers.  As soon as that was done, I popped the cookie sheet into the oven and baked for eight minutes or so.


it was so pretty and bubbly in the oven…and that aroma that escaped, Heavenly

Go ahead and pull it out of the oven, after that good ol’ eight minutes, let it sit and cool.  That’s pretty much it kiddos.  Side Note:  I thought that after letting it cool for a significantly long time, like hours, it was going to harden and solidify like bark, but mine didn’t do that.  I tried using a hammer to break it up, way too much pressure.  So, when I lifted the “bark” off the sheet, it started breaking and I split some pieces with my spatula, that was much better.  I don’t know what happened, but it was more like a broken up cookie consistency.  The taste was amazing, don’t get me wrong AT ALL, but bark-like, it was not, as far as texture.  Regardless though, my family loved it and in the words of my auntie as she grabbed piece after piece, “Oh this is dangerous SMH!”