Not sure if I’ve mentioned it lately, but I recently started back on Weight Watchers.  I kid you not, it is hands down, one of the best programs I’ve ever done to lose weight.  About a year ago, when I first started, and I was serious about it, I lost about 20lbs. in a month, and I felt good doing it!  You literally can eat whatever you want, but it’s how much you eat that matters.  Make sure your eyes don’t get bigger than your stomach basically.  I don’t call it a “diet”, it’s more like a lifestyle change, as they teach us in the meetings.

Being such a social network junkie, I usually go to Instagram to find pretty much anything.  I ended up finding a lot of WW-friendly sites full of recipes, where I can pretty much treat myself to damn near any dish, but they’re made over to be a little bit more healthy, WW points friendly.  Some of my favorites, like true go-to’s, they never let me down are Emily Bites, Drizzle Me Skinny! and the star of this blog Skinnytaste.

I was craving veggies one day, but I didn’t want any boring steamed veggies, or just seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices.  I remembered seeing this cheesy spinach recipe on Skinnytaste, Makeover Spinach Gratin.  VERY similar to Spinach Artichoke Dip…just without the artichoke.

Very easy to make, you’ll probably hear me say that a lot, because I like quick, easy, simple, delicious recipes.  The faster I make my food, the faster it cooks so that I can devour it.

In my favorite saucepan, I melted the butter and added the chopped onions.  The recipe called for a cup, finely chopped, but I used a whole onion, which equaled roughly two cups.  The smell, delicious of course, that’s why I just went ahead and used a whole onion.  Anything sautéed in butter is the best.  Lots of onion in butter, is the best.  Let those cook until translucent.


added flour…


then nutmeg

Now, when you add those two dry ingredients to your butter onion mixture, it’s gonna dry up right away…that is O-K, it’s normal.  This will thicken up the sauce; a roux basically.  Once your flour and your nutmeg are incorporated evenly, add your milk, slowly, whisking while pouring.


You’ll whisk, whisk and whisk some more, making sure the sauce doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan, and your sauce will thicken.  Next, I moved the saucepan from the fire.  I quickly took my thawed out frozen spinach, I only used one 16oz. bag and placed it in cheesecloth.  The recipe called for three bags, which is three pounds, but my gratin turned out just fine and it was still thick.  Once all the water was squeezed out of the spinach, I added it to the sauce and placed the saucepan back over the fire.


continue whisking, making sure that the spinach is mixed in well with the onion, butter, milk sauce


add a portion of the parmesan cheese, mix in well…I used Kraft, nothing fancy

Once that’s done, you can start personalizing your spinach gratin, seasoning to your taste, to your liking.  I love spices and seasonings, but I didn’t go too overboard with it.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES…I prefer sea salt, fine or coarse, to table salt

Once you like the taste, once you’re satisfied, dump the spinach in a casserole dish, sprinkle the rest of the parmesan cheese on top along with the Swiss cheese (I used Sargento slices), it’s gonna look so pretty, and place in the oven for 20 quick minutes, until golden brown and bubbly.


I was extremely happy eating it with a spoon, tasted great right out of the dish, my brother paired it with tortilla chips, he killed it, either way you wanna dig in…it’s G-OO-D, GOOD!