Have a holly, jolly…Thanksgiving!  Yes, I changed it up there, I sure did.  Who gon’ stop me huh?!  This Thanksgiving, I had my family feeling good, cup after cup.  Of what you ask? Fall Sangria!  This stuff got better as the hours went by, as it sat and sat and the flavors meshed and mixed.

Once again, another ridiculously simple recipe.  From, once again, one of my favorites, BuzzFeed!  And this cocktail gives you quite the buzz.  You’ll love it.  Feel all warm inside, feel it all in your blood. *smiles*

All you’ll need is any kind of apple, about four to six.  I used Gala apples of course.  You’ll need pears, about four to six, I used Bartlett, one bottle (25 mL) of cinnamon whisky, I used my favorite, FIREBALL! ( I screamed FIREBALL when I typed it lol), one bottle of cheap Pinot Grigio, 64 oz. of apple cider and finally a one liter bottle of club soda. That. is. It.


I rough chopped all of my apples and pears and placed them in this pretty glass beverage dispenser, that I found at Walmart, for like $20.  I was so excited to use it!  I took the whole bottle of Fireball, emptied it all over the apples and pears.  Cover it and let that sit, let the fruit soak in the whisky, for two good hours.  Make sure they get nice and boozy.


Soak my babies…



Now, after they’ve bathed and gotten all alchy-like, pour ALL the Pinot Grigio…


ALL the apple cider…


and ALL the club soda into the apple, pear and whisky mixture.  Stir it all up, let it marinate really well, pour over a tall, or short glass of ice, scoop some of those apples and pears into your glass and VOILÀ…you’ve got Fall Sangria.  Let me tell you now, your family AND your friends, will want not ONE, not TWO, but at LEAST three glasses of this cocktail all throughout the night.  It’ll be the star of the party!