I’mma talk to y’all like I’m talking’ to one of my girls…”BITCH! Those grits were A-MA-ZING!” I’m not lying to y’all.  I’ve had grits from A LOT of restaurants, Max’s Wine Dive, Anvil Pub in Deep Ellum, they were good, tasty, nothing bad AT ALL, but DISH?! Yeah.  They made my soul smile.

Over this past year, brunch has seriously become one of my favorite meals, favorite times to get together with friends to eat, drink and be very merry.  I mean, you got sweet, salty and savory dishes, mimosas galore, the portions are oh-so-generous.  What more could you ask for?!


Bucket of Bubbles … mini caraffes of cranberry and orange juice.  Own bottle of sparkling champagne


Mac & Cheese

I’ve been wanting to go to DISH for a minute now, it’s been bookmarked as one of my GoTo’s on Yelp for a while now, just like a lot of other tasty options.  Luckily on the day I went, it wasn’t packed, which was surprising, because it was a Sunday.  Sunday brunch usually means crowded anywhere you go in the DFW Metroplex.  We got seated right away and our waitress was a real sweetheart.  She just moved to Texas, from the east coast, I believe Jersey, not even a year ago.

I was in the mood for a comforting dish, something warm and sweet…FIRST.  Just to start me off.  The Steel Cut Oatmeal looked really good. I went with my gut, so I ordered it.  It was perfect.  I added a little bit more milk, but the sweetness of the brûlée sugar on top, the crispy crunch of it, with the bitter, chilled raspberries and blackberries.  I emptied the bowl with the quickness. LoL.


That was good, great, wonderful, but let me tell YOU *in my Kevin Hart voice* about these grits.  I was greedy that day.  Really greedy.  I just couldn’t make up my mind.  The presentation, the taste, the portion, just every single thing about these grits was on point!


First impression, I loved the mini, cast iron, deep dish, that the grits came in.  Kept them piping hot.  It added to the character and the personality of the grits as well.  The menu was very limited when it came to an ingredient list under each item, but I really didn’t care, because they were G-OO-D!  They had this smoky flavor to them,  seasoned perfectly, there was a cheesy flavor all in and throughout the grits.  I ate spoonful after spoonful, back to back to back.  The melted cheese on top, browned and bubbly, was just the best.  I honestly could’ve had this with some eggs, bacon AND sausage and my Sunday would’ve been MADE.

If brunch was this good, I could only imagine lunch or dinner.  My girlfriend that I went with, she said the pork chop was to die for, I’m sure she’s telling the truth.  Looks like I know what to get on my next, visit. SOON.