Let’s be honest.  When you think of a deviled egg, you think of your typical  mashup of yolks, mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and that pretty little sprinkle of paprika, real fancy.  I’m sure it was someone’s auntie or grandmother, or your own, that made them sometime in your life at a special occasion like a family reunion or a funeral *blank stare* BOOOORING.

Go to any restaurant now and it’s the star attraction, one of the best ways to start a meal, very out of the ordinary, but something that you fall in love with instantly.  I’ve had some pretty tasty eggs, very detailed and elaborate, at restaurants such as Del Frisco’s Grille in Dallas, this was the first place I tried them.  One bite is all it took for me and I was hooked.  Another great place is Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar in Plano.  This place is overall one of my favorite restaurants, and how unique is it that they change their deviled eggs on a weekly basis.  Keeps you coming back!

Recently though, and I do mean for the last two weeks, I’ve frequented a restaurant that I’ve grown to love, called DISH.  You’ll see one of my  awesome previous posts about their grits.  To DIE for.  No games were played when they made them!  Anyways, I’m getting off subject.  So my past visit, I went to another location, in Dallas.  They happened to have a different menu.  Brunch, but a different menu, give or take some items.  They didn’t even have the Bucket of Bubbles.  I was let down. Severely.  I tried to hide my “spoiled daddy’s girl” face, ordered a Blood-Orange Mimosa AND Truffled Bacon Deviled Eggs.


They came to the table and they were absolutely beautiful.  So colorful, so vibrant.  Like I say, I take one bite, and by one bite, I mean, I put the whole thing in my mouth and concentrate on tasting every flavor.  The smooth, semi-sweet, mild filling was perfection.  Piped ever-so-smoothly in the boiled egg.  Bacon makes everything better, every sane person knows this, so biting into the thick, savory applewood smoked bacon and the slither of the pickled purple onion garnish, it was just magical.


I had others with me at the table, so I had to share.  I was upset. Yup. I wanted more *sigh*. Sometimes life, it just isn’t fair, but those deviled eggs, the moment they were placed in front of me so gently, life was great!