With my family being from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, attending school there as well at THE Southern University, I know a thing or two about some good seafood.  A couple of things that grew on me while living there…turkey necks, potato salad (specifically my cousin Cathy’s, my favorite), crawfish pie and hot, boiled crawfish.

There’s a secret to a good batch of crawfish.  I’ve never boiled crawfish, but I’ve been around enough excellent cooks to know how it’s done.  You gotta season your water!  It’s crucial.  If you don’t, they’re pretty disgusting when eaten.  That big steaming pot should contain mountains of flavor.  Just when you think there’s enough, ADD MORE.  Lemon, garlic, onion, Zatarain’s seasonings, or whatever brand you prefer, bay leaf, like Guy Fieri says, “FLAVOR TOWN!”  This brings me to say, the places I’ve been in Dallas, they don’t do this, at all.  Let’s see, the places I can remember specifically are Aw Shuck’s and I believe Pappadeaux.  They boil the crawfish and then sprinkle this spicy “seasoning” on top.  It’s not seasoning, it’s like hot, spicy powder, all over the shell, but not a one speck touches the delicious meat inside the crawfish tail.  So pretty much when you’re eating it, all you get is a numb tongue and lips on fire.  I hate that.

All that brings me to my amazing experience I had this past week on a regular ol’ Wednesday.  One of my girls had a craving for crawfish, so I decided to join her at Nate’s Seafood & Steakhouse.  I’m always down to eat, so why not?!  I’m very familiar with Nate’s.  My family and my God family used to frequent this place back in the day, when we were a lot younger.  Seeing as though my palette wasn’t as experienced as it is now, my first time having crawfish here, all I remember was way too spicy and my poor little juvenile tongue could not handle it.  It just wasn’t a good, at all.  Fast forward to today, I was a little skeptical to order the crawfish, because I didn’t want to be disappointed again.  Trying to be positive, I went to my trusty Yelp Community, saw nothing but great reviews, so I went for it, “Let me get two pounds of crawfish, mild, one pound of shrimp and a side of JP Juice!”


JP Juice.  It deserves a paragraph of it’s own.  If you ever visit Nate’s, you must order a bowl of this delicious liquid on the side.  The only way I can describe JP Juice is, “Oh my GAWD!”  It’s this hot mixture of garlic butter, starting off right already, lemon juice and for more tang, half pieces of lemon floating in the bowl so beautifully, and other secret seasonings I’m sure.  If I could’ve bottled this up, and taken it home, which I’m sure if I asked they would’ve made it happen, I would have.  When my crawfish and shrimp came out, the bowl sat so pretty in the middle of this boiled seafood Heaven.  It was love and lust at first dip.  The crawfish were huge, tails full of meat, the shrimp was colossal, this made it so easy for each piece to cradle that JP Juice and make it right into my mouth.  I got so greedy and so caught up in the sauce, I remember at one point, I was dipping the seafood with three fingers.  It was so un-lady like, but I didn’t give a damn. LoL.

Never have a finished every crawfish platter that has been placed in front of me.  Let me tell you, my how things have changed.  That crawfish was so good.  Just the right amount of heat, with a boat load of flavor, the spice didn’t linger.  I don’t even think my nose started running.  That’s pretty big, and no numb lip either.  I truly enjoyed my food.

Ever since that night, I’ve craved them everyday, no lie.  Don’t give me any corn, don’t want potatoes either.  So, any takers on a blind date to Nate’s?! It won’t be much talking, I just don’t wanna sit at a table, by myself, and devour two or more pounds of crawfish and shrimp.  When someone’s with you, it’s not as … piggish.