Good times are always had when I take a quick little road trip to Houston, TX…I hate the drive though, can’t stand it.  I swear it’s the longest 3-4 hours E-VER.  I literally have to prepare myself mentally every time.  This time was different though.  This time, it was myself along with 15 other girls, one being the bride-to-be, so I finally got to sit back and relax.  It was the morning of our departure from H-Town, but before we hit the road, we had to feed our appetite and all of the alcohol that we consumed in VIP the night before.  One of my best friends Meagan, she’s from Houston and she’s one of the bridesmaids in the wedding, so all fingers pointed to her for a good place to chow down on brunch, nothing quick and fast.  We wanted the real deal Holyfield.


When we first walked into Tout Suite, which is located right in the heart of Downtown Houston, all of us were a little iffy about the place.  It had a stuffy, bourgeoisie vibe, but as we looked around, it was actually very laid and relaxed.  I guess in our minds, we were looking for a place like say, Breakfast Klub.  A more Southern establishment, down home cooking, something rich, stomach-coating, makes you fall asleep in the car as soon as you hit the highway.  That kinda food.  Well you know what, we shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions and assumed that it wasn’t our cup of tea, because when we were standing in line, everything that every server brought from out of that kitchen looked amazing.  One thing that caught my eye was the Avocado Toast.  Now personally, I wouldn’t have been able to eat that.  Avocado overload kills my stomach, makes my throat it, food allergy clearly.  Hitch much?!  But anyways, the presentation of every piece of food on that plate was perfect.  The height of the toasted loaf stack, the vibrant lime green color of the avocado, which was spread so smoothly, then the pinkish-red specks from the radish slices.  It was like art. Really.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty though.  I had the Classic French Toast, you’ll see that above, placed ever so nicely on a white plate, which I love.  Brings out all the colors of the dish.  Thick slices of toast, the strawberry compote on top, I didn’t think I’d really be a fan of, but once the fat woman in me came out and I drizzled that hot syrup on top, the sweetness of it, mixed with the tartness of the strawberry, I tried to get that in every bite that I took from my fork.  I cleaned my plate, I knew that was gonna be the end result from jump.  But, let me tell y’all about this chicken & waffles, never mind the waffles, but this fried chicken of theirs! *sigh*  The biggest mistake that a lot of restaurants make when frying any protein, in my opinion, is not seasoning both the meat AND the batter.  HUGE mistake.  I’ll tell you what, Tout Suite has got it down to a science.  The skin, batter, crust, coating on the chicken,  whatever you like to call it, it was so enticing, so distinctive it was like something I’ve never tasted before.  It wasn’t greasy in any way, it wasn’t heavy, it was almost like an herb-crusted chicken.  You could actually see the seasonings on the chicken and around the plate.  Like a true masterpiece, the chef took his time when assembling this plate.  Which I love.



ALL photography done by Yours Truly…so pretty huh?!

Even the smallest things, like their fresh squeezed orange juice, was so good, so fresh, so sweet.  Of course there weren’t free refills, grrrrrr.  So, I seriously sipped on that little glass of joy for a good minute.

Visiting a place like Tout Suite definitely taught me that, sometimes you just gotta open the door, walk in, look at the menu.  Don’t underestimate.  Even as a serious foodie, one that will try anything once, I almost turned away, we all almost walked out.  You never know what you might stumble upon, what you might end up liking.  Could end up being one of your favorite restaurants.  I was very hesitant, we all were, but me personally, I would definitely go back.  I heard The Suite Burger is really good.  Lunch?  Dinner anyone?