I’m all about trying new things, y’all know me.  Open-minded, eclectic, daring (when it comes to food, don’t know about other things), balls to the wall, LET’S GO!  This visit to Wabi House definitely raised the bar, challenged me in the area of culinary adventures.  To celebrate my brother’s birthday, who’s a cook in the DFW area, he wanted to take us to this restaurant he always talked about. Of course we were down, it was all for the birthday boy.  As much as I frequent the Lower Greenville area, I had never passed by Wabi House shockingly.  Not a big place at all, the bar is both inside and outside, which I like a lot, like that concept and the kitchen is open as well, one of my favorite things I like in a restaurant.

When my parents and I looked at the menu, of course I perused it way in advance on trusty Yelp, we didn’t really know what was good, what was popular, what to get, period.  It was ok though, because Cam bro, he took all control.  So, we started off with appetizers of course, just to get a feel of what we, or he, had gotten us into.

Fried Octopus Balls *blank stare* wait, WHET? Crispy Pork Ears *swallows hard, then sighs* and good old fashioned Sweet Corn Fritters.  Like Chicken Express?! Ok cool.  Had to get something that we actually recognized LoL.  Let me say, my bro knows his food, because we tore up everything on every one of those plates.  I can’t even explain how weird and delicious the Octopus Balls were, all at the same time.  If I had to describe the texture, it was like silk.  Really.  They melted in my mouth. Every last bite.  So luscious and creamy and amaze balls, no pun intended.  We were all shocked.  Then, the Crispy Pork Ears, I was a little hesitant, because I didn’t want a mouth full of the taste of fat.  I definitely didn’t get that.  They were full of flavor, seasoned perfectly, fried to crispy perfection, just like a pork cracklin’.  What made it for me, was the sauce that came with it.  Benito Aioli.  Bottle it up and I’ll be the first one in line.  The Sweet Corn Fritters were just that.  Once again, another delectable aioli was drizzled on top, which made them even better.  So, as you can see, we were off to a great start.


Now for our main courses, that’s where things got a little tricky, because there were a lot of ingredients that we were a little unsure about.  When it comes to going out to a restaurant with my family, we all try to get a variety of options, so that we can all taste off each others plates.  I kind of knew what kind of ramen I wanted, I just didn’t know which ramen bowl would satisfy my craving.  I didn’t want a lot of broth, I wanted substance, I wanted hearty, I wanted texture.  The Dry Garlic Ramen was what I needed in my life and the only way to perfectly describe it would be Carbonara Ramen.


That poached egg, when the yolk oozed all throughout the bowl, it really brought all of the ingredients together, coated every noodle, very filling, full of distinct flavors that meshed so well.  Another star in the bowl of amazingness, the Chashu.  Chashu is marinated, braised pork belly.  Usually, when I see pork belly on a menu, I don’t order it.  I’m a little intimidated because I’m not a huge fan of the fatty, gelatinous texture, but this was GOOD!  Cooked and charred perfectly, a big piece too, tons of smoky flavor.  And when I tell you this was a garlic overload, full of fresh garlic and garlic chips.  I couldn’t finish it all, it was impossible, I was sinfully full.  A smooth piece of Orbit Sweet Mint gum was popped in my mouth after my last bite, immediately.

I must say, the first word that always comes to mind when I think of Wabi House is “weird”, only because my first time was definitely an out of this World experience, but I mean that in the nicest way possible, because Wabi House was definitely an A+ in my book.