My first time hearing about, well seeing, Nashville Hot Chicken, was on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.  It looked beyond amazing.  Seasoning galore, juicy, flavor explosion, or like Guy Fieri says, “Flavor Town!”  I thought, “Man I wish we had a restaurant in Dallas that served Hot Chicken.  Well I got my wish, the restaurant Gods came through. Well sort of.

Another brunch date came about, you know I can never pass that meal up and of course, my date left it up to me to pick the place.  I read a while back, I’m pretty sure it was last year, in D Magazine, about Rapscallion. They were listed under The Best New Restaurants 2015, so clearly I was a little late with my visit, but hey, better late than never right?!  So, it was a beautiful Sunday on Greenville Ave., everybody was out, walking, coupled up, with their families, walking their dogs, just a great day to eat, drink, gossip and be merry.  Just to be safe and secure a seat, because I was so anxious about this place, I made reservations.  Whenever I can, I do.  When I got there, they had to wipe down our table, get things situated right, quick, fast, so I waited a couple minutes, not long, sat at the bar and observed.  Fresh oysters on ice right in front of me, shared a carafe of tap water with a nice, pierced-up gentleman, listened to the talk in the restaurant, just chilled.  I had a moment to look at the menu, check out what I wanted to eat that could possibly change my entire life.  Yes that’s my view on food. lol



My friend and I were finally seated and by then, even though it had literally only been about 10-15 minutes, I was parched, my throat was a little desert-y, so I decided to treat myself to a pretty little cocktail first.  The Bardstown Breakfast Cocktail.  It’s listed on the brunch menu.  If I could describe it in like two or three words, I’d say festive, Christmas-y, a Winter-y taste. Very warm.  I’m pretty sure the Maker’s Mark and the maple had a lot to do with that feeling.


Welp, we got right to it, no games, just order and be done with it.  Of course, to see what all the hype was about, we did place an order for the Yard Bird, half bird.  It came with biscuits, huge biscuits, so I figured, that’s more than enough for two little ladies.  I was definitely right.

First up, the biscuits.  Fresh, hot, flaky, buttery and big.  I mean huge!  I was strategic when assembling mine.  The honey butter was first.  Let that melt into each and every layer of the biscuit.  Then, a hefty layer of the seasonal fruit jam, which I’m pretty sure it was strawberry.  I love fresh fruit jam, spread, preserves, it’s just so good!  Those came out first, but shortly thereafter they placed a beautiful Nashville platter of hot, fried Szechuan chicken on the table.  I loved the presentation, the placement and arrangement of the chicken on the plate.  It was real food art.  Plated with the chicken were these green bean-like objects, from what I read on the menu, it was a simple pickled mirliton salad.  Those little green things were so good, so crunchy, so fresh.  I love a pickled veggie.  But, ANYWHO, I think I grabbed a leg first.  I love a leg, oh and a wing, a thigh when cooked perfectly and the breast too.  I like it all Hell.


First bite, the texture and taste of the crust on the chicken is what stood out.  Right away, I think Chinese five spice.  I think Asian influence, not your average seasonings for a fried piece of chicken.  Everything was pretty much on point.  It was juicy, flavor was all in and throughout the bird, trust me when I say we ate it all.  There were no take home boxes bih LoL…BUT, and this is kind of a big “but”, cause I can not lie (did you catch that?! lmao), even though the seasonings were intricate and detailed an different, outside of the box, a little salt would have really been the icing on the cake.  A couple of sprinkles here and a couple of sprinkles there is all that this batter needed and I would have been 100% sold.  I think I was like 99% sold.  Still, nothing less than delicious.