First…I’m a social ADDICT, y’all just DON’T understand…

ME is:

a Daddy’s Girl to the FULLEST


Social Butterfly

Give me Sour Patch Watermelons and I am a HAPPY CAMPER

Ray Allen is my “Celebrity boo”

I am the ULTIMATE Dallas Cowboys fan…YUP!

I believe I’m borderline OCD lol

I ALWAYS keep my faith, NO MATTER WHAT!

I live in the Wonderful World of lingerie, lace and all the pretty stuff.  I am ME. The bubbly, social, cheesing from ear to ear, crazy chic from Dallas, TX. With Ms. Chay, you’ll get MANY sides…the beauty guru, the professional foodie, the crazy sports fan and just the all around Jack of all Trades. I wanna share it ALL with you and I HOPE you enjoy loves!

***All photos are taken by me, all opinions are my opinions and my thoughts.  If otherwise, it will be noted***