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Got another pretty little package from Klout today…as a matter of fact it was the World’s Most Beautiful gift box!  How did I receive such a thing you ask?! I told y’all, join Klout!  It’s probably one of the coolest sites.  Really!  I mean all you have to do is Tweet, post to Instagram & Facebook, be the social media whore pretty much all of the World already is, and you can start getting pretty little packages in the mail too!

Now, as far as I’M concerned, because I’m such a well-respected Klout influencer, I was chosen to experience People’s new V.I.P. subscription.  Not only did I get the beautiful box, BUT I got three months of PEOPLE magazine in print and digital and access to PEOPLE Premium.  Pretty cool huh?

Let’s get back to the really good stuff though, this perfect, pretty pink box…


Wanna see what’s inside?! I’m sure you do!  Now, these aren’t just any old giveaway products, but these are PEOPLE’s Editors’ Picks, World’s Most Beautiful

  • Hungry Girl: Chew the Right Thing recipe cards.  Lisa Lillien put together 50 easy-to-follow recipe cards of guilt-free versions of your favorite foods.  Low calorie versions of EVERYTHING, just in time for swimsuit season, Summer is RIGHT around the corner!
  • Zoya Nail Polish in Rue So, the “thing” these days is natural, simple, soft manicures, nothing fancy.  Zoya, a brand known for it’s durability and great colors, brings us Rue, a shade perfect for all skin tones and any occasion.
  • Professional Hair Detangler It’s part hairbrush, part miracle worker, so I’m reading.  The bristle lengths vary, so it makes for a pain-free experience on wet OR dry hair.  I’m three years natural, I have thick, curly, long hair.  I’ll definitely find out if this works miracles on detangling MY hair.
  • Delicate Spring Bracelet Worn alone OR layered with other pieces, great with casual outfits or formal…it’s fun, pretty and the gold-accents really stand out all around with the cool blue in-style color.
  • Chevron Beauty Set Chevron is THE pattern to be seen in and with this season.  This set is perfect for the purse OR the suitcase, for lipsticks or the whole makeup bag.  You pick.

I’m excited for ALL these goodies in this beautiful box.  The bracelet I KNOW will be worn this weekend.  Sunday Funday maybe?! We shall see.


Some people don’t realize how big of a first impression your nails can make.  I talk a lot with my hands, so I try to keep them manicured, moisturized, painted and pretty, always ready to make appearances.  The only thing is, I can’t just get a simple polish & go mani, my nail bed is entirely too oily for that, so the nail polish peels right off like a sticker or chips within about two days or less.  I’ve tried the acrylic nails, tip added and that thins my nails out and severely damages the top layer of my nail.  I thought I had a winner with gel nails, BUT the biggest problem was, once again my oily nail bed.  The gel didn’t stick to my nail bed as long as it should have, like the average little lady, so the sides would lift, the areas around the cuticles and I could peel the whole layer off within a good week. I needed HELP, I wanted to get my money’s worth, I just want pretty nails, was that so hard to ask?!

One day, my co-worker, a customer of mine, one of the two, I noticed her nails and how polished, perfect, natural and neat they looked.  She said that she tried this new process/technique called NEXGENAILS.  It’s a simple process, repetition of dipping and painting, nothing harsh, nothing too fancy.  So, I think about a week after I learned of NEXGENAILS and I started to hear more and more women talk about it, I went to my local nail salon, my manicurist actually recommended it before I requested it, I loved it and I am hooked!

NEXGENAILS is probably the best thing that has ever happened to my nails.  I know I sound like some corny infomercial, but I’m so serious, LoL.  It’s a lightweight, powder formula, yet strong like acrylic, natural looking, helps my nails grow, non-yellowing, needs no primer and the shine to every color is awesome!  The color selection is huge, well at my salon, I always try to go with natural, barely there colors. Spring is pretty much here, so I might try light pinks or light neutrals.  I tend to be drawn towards natural shades, they make my hand look slim.  One of the biggest benefits though, which I know I need and love, it’s HEALTHY for your nail, it adds Calcium and Vitamin E.

So, next time you’re in the mood for a good manicure, you want to treat yourself, simply ask if they offer NEXGENAILS…I’m pretty sure they’ll have it, you’ll fall in love just like I did and get compliments galore just like me.

I decided to share of couple of my favorite products with you sweet babies, hopefully they’ll grow on you like they have on me!

Check out a more detailed review, a nice little video on my YouTube page…Find me at CSmalls2234 OR Charis Shreill!

(listed clockwise…Vaseline, L’Oreal True Match Concealer Crayon, NYX Shine Killer, Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray, O.P.I. Bubble Bath nail polish, Prada perfume set)

this one below, is an honorable mention…it definitely deserves it…

Forever 21 turquoise & gold necklace

Monthly favorites will be a regular post, I PROMISE!

I took a little trip to Ulta today, for a valid eason this time, I actually needed something.  I’ve fallen in love with O.P.I.’s Bubble Bath polish.  My manicurist Lena at Nail’s By Judy here in Dallas, TX, she actually introduced me to this innocent, natural, neutral, pale, pink, pearl color.  I tend to always try new things, but when it comes to my nails, I try to stick to the same colors.  Simple colors, either skin tone or lighter, that’s what I tend to veer towards.  Bubble Bath is JUST RIGHT.  I have it on my pointy nails now, the O.P.I. Bubble Bath gel color, because I hate to sit under the dryer and wait, yes I’m impatient.

Of course I couldn’t walk out with just one thing, which never happens with me, anywhere.  At the checkout counter, Ulta has tiny bins with mostly travel size products, at great prices.  They’re real slick, putting these goodies by the checkout though, tempting you to add more and more to your purchase, which was supposed to be just one or two items.  Anyways, I saw a must-have.  Urban Decay de-slick Makeup Setting Spray.

oil free & oil control

oil free & oil control

I have extremely oily skin it gets really bad in the Summer time.  This spray, I apply all over my face, about 2-3 sprays after applying my makeup, and let dry.  It’s amazing.  It controls my oil throughout the day, controls shine, I have a matte finish and it keeps my makeup looking fresh all day.  NO smudging, NO fading.  My girl Ms. Meagan Elyce introduced me to this wonderful product.  We share the same oily skin struggle. SMH. Be sure to check out her site, tell her Ms. Chay sent you.  You’ll LOVE it!

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