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I’m not a person, or should I say a foodie, that tends to frequent a place outside of Dallas more than once, especially on vacation.  There’s always an exception though.  Atlanta is a place that my mom and I love to visit when we can, make a quick little girl’s trip every once in a while.  The variety of food, good food, good Southern, home-cooked food in Atlanta is overwhelming, but one place that always makes my “Let’s Go Here” List is Serpas True Food.  Everything about this place I absolutely love.  The location, the people, the ambience, the construction of the bathrooms (yes, you read right lol), the menu, it just all works, and it works well.


Of course, every one of my visits to Serpas, is during my favorite meal of the day…BRUNCH!  I love how busy it is, I love that most of the time, the weather is nice, you hear people laughing, in a great mood, because usually they just got out of church and the menu selection is on point.  Not quite breakfast, not quite lunch.  Once again, BRUNCH!


What you see above, that semi-devoured bowl of savory goodness, that’s Shrimp & Scallop.  Which could also be called Shrimp, Grits & a BIG OL’ Scallop.  I think it might be the best tasting shrimp and grits dish I’ve ever had.  I don’t order shrimp and grits at a lot of restaurants, but 9 times out of 10, when I go to Serpas, this will be placed in front of me to enjoy.  Juicy, plump shrimp, this red, savory tomato-ey gravy and one ginormous scallop that I always save for the last bite.  It’s like two scallops put together, so sweet and succulent.  That one little, but big thing, makes this dish stand out.  I love the consistency of the grits, surprisingly, because I’m a fan of thick grits, that stick to the spoon, but these were completely opposite.  They weren’t too, too thick, but not soupy.  I like it though.  The flavor trumps all, so no complaints.  It’s so pretty before it’s gobbled down, right?


To start us off right though, every time, the Buttermilk Biscuits.  Four flaky, golden brown, hot, fresh, biscuits, served in an iron skillet, which I love, gives the appetizer so much personality.  They come with soft butter, that is key, and a cup of house made blackberry jelly, I think it is.  Something I could eat everyday.  You bit into it and you can see the layers of baked yumminess, topped with that sweet jelly and salty butter, melting all over.  Forgive me as I snap out of it, y’all can tell I went back to that moment.


This may be a tiny little additive, but they deserve recognition.  The hash browns.  Only thing is, they’re not what you think.  They were actually more like home fries.  The way they were prepared, touched all of my heart, soul and stomach.  They were crispy on the edges and soft on the inside, cooked with onions, red and green bell peppers, reminded me so much of my Grammy’s cooking.  So much seasoning and flavor, I couldn’t stop eating them.  My mom even reached for a couple and I kindly pushed her fork smooth to the side.  I don’t play.


Sadly, I left out of that restaurant miserably full, but every bite was damn sure worth it.  The “itis” set in right away, nap mode was right around the corner.  Places like that, that put you in a food coma after, they keep you coming back for more.  That’s why Serpas will always see me, whenever I’m in the “A”.



This review, this acknowledgement, this recognition of culinary goodness is well overdue.  It brings me joy to write this, really.  I’ve been putting it off only because I want it to be nothing less than fantastic.  Let me say, I absolutely loved everything about Pink Magnolia.  My expectations were more than met.  Let me keep it really real though – they exceeded my expectations, above and far beyond, even with our rather sarcastic, somewhat slick-talking waiter Mr. Chip.  I’ll leave that subject sitting right here though.  It’s all about the part that y’all wanna hear about: the FOOD.

From the moment my reservation was made for Sunday Funday brunch, I could not stop looking at the pictures and suggestions on Yelp (of course), couldn’t stop perusing the restaurant website, looking at what I might possibly order and I was most excited about meeting the amazingly fun, Chef Blythe Beck.

If you don’t know about Chef Blythe, get into her.  Quickly. I fell in love with her brash, blunt, colorful, saucy attitude back in 2009 on her reality show The Naughty Kitchen, especially when she hosted former Dallas Cowboy Bradie James’ engagement dinner.  It screamed classy, elegant, yet casual and entertaining.  So well put together and I remember one thing specifically – the Mini Chili Dogs.  The fact that she could prepare such a nostalgic item, with her flare to it, I knew for sure when I saw it served, along with every other mouth-watering meal, I was sold on Chef Blythe Beck.

Walking up to Pink Magnolia, well just looking at the building, located on Davis St. in the heart of Bishop Arts District in Dallas, TX, it’s so home-like, comfy and cozy.  Walking inside, everything is literally right in front of you.  The bar, the kitchen, an open kitchen, which is love, it’s so personal and intimate and an outside, covered patio area for more seating.  The place gets pretty packed, from what I could tell on this beautiful Sunday.  As soon as we sat down, I saw her.  Chef Blythe and her bright red hair, going to work over the fire-blazing stove, flicking her wrist, pots and pans everywhere.  I was so star struck, but I had to focus and figure out what I was about to devour.

What’s crazy is, the weekend I chose to to visit Pink Magnolia, it was within the 21 days that I chose to give up any form of bread *blank stare*.  So, unfortunately I wasn’t able to indulge in the Garlic Biscuits & Cinnamon Brown Sugar Butter.  I must say, they looked so flippin’ good and smelled even better.  So flaky, hot and fresh.  Because I didn’t get my bread fix, I was ready to eat.  Fast.


I decided on the Corned Beef Hash.  I see it on pretty much every brunch menu I’ve ever looked at, but I’ve never had it, so what’s what I got.  It was very good, a filling portion, lots of thick, flavorful, savory corned beef, not thin and shredded like I’ve had before.  Chunky potatoes, seasoned perfectly, a little too much grease at the bottom of the bowl, but I saw it as flavor.  The egg on top, was supposed to be sunny-side up, but it wasn’t runny at all.  Cooked hard, kinda rubbery, but I just moved it to the side, didn’t let it ruin my moment.  Along with my main entree, I couldn’t resist ordering sides, a side of grits, buttery cheese grits and Kentucky Bourbon sausage links.  So much food, but who was not complaining?! Is this girl right here.  I didn’t get to taste the other dishes at my table: Steak & Egg Tacos and the Fried Chicken and Mini Waffles, but judging from the clean plates spread about the table, I’d say everything was pretty dang tasty.


One really neat aspect of this restaurant, the restrooms.  Weird huh?!  Sure you weren’t expecting me to say that.  You walk in, and plastered ever so neatly on the walls are Chef Blythe’s family recipes.  To share such personal keepsakes with complete strangers, strangers that have fallen in love with her food within an hour or two, is just so cool, such a loving touch.  It really shows where her passion for food comes from.

The hospitality from Chef Blythe and her staff, was awesome, so energetic.  We paid our bill and ended up talking more, an hour or so more, and ended up ordering dessert and coffee.  It was only right!  If you have the pleasure of visiting Pink Magnolia, which it should already be on your “To Visit” List, get the Butter Cake or the Gingerbread Cheesecake.  Trust me.  I would not steer you wrong.  You all should know that by now.  The ending to a great Sunday, happened when Chef Blythe Beck, took the time out, even while running a hectic kitchen, to take a picture with little ol’ me.  Smelling like “bacon and shame” as she said, with a huge smile on her face, we were both ready for the camera.  It truly made my day.


The magnolia flower is a symbol of sweet, southern strength.  Chef Blythe Beck spreads positivity in everything that she does, from every picture that she takes, to every customer she greets in her restaurant.  Not just any kind of positivity, PINK positivity.  Pink Magnolia exemplifies this all.


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