So, I took a simple quiz on Fitness Magazine tonight,  just curious to know what type of skin I really have…what were my results? Oily to Acne Prone.  *scoffs* Surprised? Not. At. All.  I’ve known this for a long time.  I’m no stranger to blotting.  I’m always on the search for some type of serum, moisturizer, cream or face wash to try and control the oiliness of my skin.  My routine lately, it usually lasts for about a month, I’ll take visible notes of the results, which I probably don’t see any change and go right back to my usual Unscented Dove Soap Bar, which is actually keeping things at bay and under control.

Now, this past weekend, I received a little package from Klout.  If you don’t know what Klout is, get with it, join the club.  You’ll thank me later.  This is what I got:

It’s the Garnier Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub.  Before I received my little gift from Klout, I had the choice of which product I wanted from the Garnier Clean+ line depending on what skin type I had.  This scrub is specifically for oily skin.  What’s so special about this scrub is that it contains charcoal.  Activated Charcoal is known to draw out oils and dirts that block the pores, eliminate blackheads and acne, detoxify and mattify the skin.  Sounds good right? I was pretty excited to try it.

When I rubbed the scrub on my face, it felt like soft sand.  Smelled good too, very clean.  I could feel the granules just as clear as you can see them on my hand.  I made sure to cover every inch of my face, around my eyes, under my neck.  I used a nickel-sized amount, mixed with a couple of drops of water and it was just enough.  There was a light tingling, a cool sensation.  I made sure to exfoliate well, really get it into my skin.  Once that was done, I rinsed with warm water, washed my face with a warm towel and applied my moisturizer.  Now usually, after a couple of hours my face will start to feel a little oily, but after following this routine  for the past three nights, before going to bed, I’ve noticed that my face feels normal.  Not oily.  Not dry.  Just soft.  I’m not used to feeling or seeing results this quickly after using a product.  I’m staying optimistic, hoping that things stay positive with this stuff, because I really like it.  It gets a thumbs up so far from me.